The College’s Auxiliary Services departments include, but are not limited to, Brookdale Radio (WBJB, 90.5 the Night), Brookdale Television (BTV),Dining Services (Gourmet Dining), Bookstore (Follett), Student Life Center (SLC), Performing Arts Center (PAC), Arena Events, Esports, and Events Production Services (EPS).


Auxiliary Services Staff

Jimmy Episcopia,  Associate Vice President, Operations
Phone: 732–224-2974

Nil Onder, Supervisor, Conference & Event Management
Phone: 732-224-1867

Kelli Sanders, Supervisor, Conference & Event Management
Phone: 732-224-2774

Nate Zerbe, Supervisor, BTV & Events Production Services
Phone: 732-224-2661

Sherri Vanderspiegel, Supervisor, PAC
Phone: 732-224-2522

Dawn Murray, Interim Supervisor, Common Services
Phone: 732-224-2474

Rick Brown, Manager, Print Shop
Phone: 732-224-2468

Gourmet Dining: 732-224-2156

Follett: 732-224-2382