The College’s Auxiliary Services departments include, but are not limited to, Brookdale Television (B-tv), Conference Services, Event Management, Common Services, Printing Services, the Performing Arts Center (PAC), the Bookstore (Follett) and Dining Services (CulinArt).

Auxiliary Services Staff

Jimmy Episcopia,  Executive Director, Operations
Phone: 732–224-2974

Nil Onder, Specialist, Conference Services
Phone: 732-224-1867

Kelli Sanders, Administrator Events Management
Phone: 732-224-2774

Sherri Vanderspiegel, Supervisor, PAC
Phone: 732-224-2522

Mark Ghezzi, Supervisor, Common Services
Phone: 732-224-2474

Rick Brown, Manager, Print Shop
Phone: 732-224-2468

CulinArt: 732-224-2156

Follett: 732-224-2382