Brookdale Concordia Chorale Embarks on Landmark European Tour, Culminating in a Memorable Encounter with Renowned Composer John Rutter

In a historic event that has captured the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide, the Brookdale Concordia Chorale is currently making waves on its prestigious European tour, with the highlight being an unforgettable encounter with acclaimed composer John Rutter. This remarkable journey marks a significant milestone in the Chorale’s history, showcasing its exceptional talent and dedication to musical excellence.

The Brookdale Concordia Chorale, renowned for its captivating performances and distinctive choral sound, is touring across the United Kingdom, enchanting audiences with its renditions of classical choral works. The choir’s recent engagement at the Holy Trinity Church, located south of Cambridge, proved to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience when John Rutter made a surprise appearance. The maestro graciously led the Chorale in a run-through of one of his compositions, adding a touch of magic to an already exceptional evening.

“I am so incredibly proud of these singers for the dedication and passion they bring to their performances,” shared Cynthia Springsteen-Blame, co-director and soprano in the Chorale. “Having the opportunity to perform under the guidance of a legend like John Rutter is a dream come true for any musician.”

A particular highlight of the tour was the Chorale’s recent performance of three Evensong services at the iconic Ely Cathedral. The stunning acoustics of this historic venue provided the perfect backdrop for the Chorale’s harmonious melodies, leaving audiences awestruck and captivated. Those who couldn’t attend the performances in person were able to witness the grandeur and beauty through a livestream available on YouTube.

“The experience of performing in such majestic surroundings is truly humbling. The history and grandeur of Ely Cathedral added an extra layer of inspiration to our music,” added John Balme, director and conductor of the Brookdale Concordia Chorale.

The European tour has showcased the Chorale’s remarkable musical prowess and provided its members with invaluable learning opportunities and cultural enrichment.

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