The atmosphere was charged with excitement as Brookdale Community College’s Valorant team, in their first year, emerged victorious in the National Junior College Athletic Association Esports (NJCAAE) Tier 3 National League Grand Final. Following an impressive display in the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals, the team clinched the championship by defeating the College of DuPage in a highly anticipated showdown. The Brookdale Esports Arena hosted a sizable and enthusiastic crowd, while an even broader audience tuned in to the live stream on The culmination of skill, strategy, and teamwork on display marked a triumphant moment for Brookdale Community College’s esports program, etching their name in the records of competitive gaming success.

Brookdale’s Valorant team began to showcase their prowess last Sunday, securing decisive victories against SUNY Jefferson and Northeast Alabama Community College with 2-0 wins in the Quarter Finals and Semi Finals, respectively. While SUNY Jefferson faced a dominant Brookdale, Northeast Alabama posed a tougher challenge. However, the team’s resilience shone through, securing their spot in the Grand Finals.

Reflecting on the journey to the finals, Valorant team member William Ahlfeld highlighted the team’s capability. “The difference in all of these matches has to be the team’s incredible mentality and discipline,” Ahlfeld remarked. “Everyone is confident in themselves, and everyone makes sure to bring each other up if our spirits are ever low. Our coach has also helped all of us stay disciplined and stay focused so we can be successful in-game. I wouldn’t want any other teammates in the finale with me this week, everyone is so awesome!”

Teammate Dresdan Lewis added similar sentiments, “Our team is really great at communicating what works and what doesn’t in the middle of a game, so we are able to adapt. There are alot of things that make our team so great, like our coach, practices together, and confidence in each other as teammates.”

Two men with arms in the air embracing and celebrating the win.Thursday night’s Grand Finals between the Jersey Blues and the College of DuPage unfolded as a thrilling spectacle of skill and determination. The best-of-five series encapsulated the essence of competitive esports, with the Jersey Blues facing an initial setback in the first game but rebounding with tenacity to claim victory in the following two matches. The climactic fourth game saw a resounding triumph as they decisively demolished DuPage and secured the championship. The atmosphere in the Arena, heightened by the presence of around 40 passionate spectators, was further amplified by an online audience of  162 unique viewers, peaking at 54 viewers concurrently, on Twitch. Whether you’re a seasoned esports enthusiast or a newcomer to the scene, Thursday’s event was an electrifying showcase of the Jersey Blues’ exceptional talent on the national stage, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed this unforgettable championship moment.