Brookdale Community College recently signed a new transfer agreement with the University of Delaware (UD). This new articulation agreement allows for Brookdale Human Services, Pre-Social Work Associate Degree graduates, with a grade point average of 2.5 or higher to be automatically accepted into the baccalaureate program at UD. Brookdale graduates will be accepted as Juniors at UD and can continue their education to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) in Human Services Clinical Services Concentration or BS in Human Services Administration and Family Policy Concentration.

“Students enrolled in Brookdale’s Human Services program are building a strong foundation through their Associate Degree with hands-on learning experiences and are able to transfer seamlessly into a competitive program at the University of Delaware. Brookdale Human Services faculty championed this agreement to support the success of our students” said Dr. Sarah McElroy, Executive Director of Career & Transfer Pathways.

The Human Services program at Brookdale Community College had a 12% increase in admissions this past fall and new opportunities have been created to achieve graduation goals in the current virtual environment. The program at Brookdale is unique because their Human Services majors will leave with 285 hours of fieldwork. The fieldwork is performed with human services agencies such as hospitals, mental health centers, social service agencies, substance-abuse counseling sites, and other facilities. Some of these include Discovery House, ARC, Mary’s House by the Sea, and Ronald McDonald House.

“At the beginning of the fall semester, we went from being really disappointed to now being proud of the activities we have created,” said Sara Burrill, Assistant Professor-Psychology. Currently, Brookdale students are participating in simulated counseling sessions, are creating self-care plans, like what to do when compassion fatigue sets in, are observing online support meetings, and have been able to sit in on virtual meetings with counselors and supervisors at various agencies. Students are virtually able to help agencies such as Monmouth Cares, Care Givers Volunteers, Compassion Care to the elderly, and Phone Buddies, all without risk and in the safety of their homes. Students are still able to get their certifications in first aid, which was a 2-day event and now is virtual. “We have been able to create many opportunities to meet fieldwork hours and there is great student feedback!” Burrill stated.

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