Zoom Phones Coming this Summer!

Brookdale OIT is pleased to announce that new Zoom Phones are coming to Brookdale this summer! Zoom Phone will allow you to make and receive calls using your current Brookdale phone number on both your desk phone and within the Zoom app. The new Zoom Phone Yealink handsets will replace our current Cisco phones at all desks and locations at the Higher Education Centers (HECs) and on the Lincroft campus. Zoom Phone works side-by-side with our existing Zoom videoconferencing app (see photos below).

For more information, take a look at Brookdale’s Zoom Phone info hub. We are sure that Zoom Phone will transform the way you communicate today!

Zoom Phone
Yealink Zoom Phone
Desktop Icon
Mobile Zoom Icon
Desktop Dial
Mobile  Zoom keypad


What do you need to know to get ready? Desk phones will be replaced by OIT on or about the scheduled roll out week (see info below).  The OIT team will prioritize call centers personnel and the College’s main points of contact during the phone handset replacement process. Training classes for general users and for call center personnel will be offered weekly beginning June 7th (see signup links below).

What if I’m not able to attend training during the summer months?  Additional training sessions will be offered in September at the start of the Fall 2022 semester. You can also remotely setup your voicemail greeting at any time after you receive your Zoom Phone activation email.  All new voicemails will continue to be forwarded to your Brookdale email inbox.  In order to (1) record your voicemail greeting, (2) learn how to check your voicemail through the Zoom app or (3) using your Yealink Zoom desk phone, see the instructions available on Brookdale’s Zoom Phone infohub here.

The schedule for the distribution of new Zoom Phones (per location) is as follows:

The Brookdale OIT team is hosting live  30 minute video training and information sessions each week between June 7th and July 12th.  There will also be 45-minute specialized training sessions offered specifically for Call Center Personnel.  OIT recommends that Call Center Personnel attend an open training session first and then the Call Center session afterwards. To sign up for one of these sessions, use one of the forms linked below.

Training Sessions:

To ask questions and talk to our internal Zoom Phone team regarding this project – email us at: zoomphoneteam@brookdalecc.edu