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Getting Started Q&A

How do I get started with my new Zoom Phone?
Once your current Brookdale phone number has been ported over and assigned to your new Zoom Phone, you will receive a welcome email from Zoom (from no-reply@zoom.us) stating “Your Zoom Phone has been activated.” Once your current Cisco desk phone has been replaced by OIT with your new Yealink Zoom desk phone, you can begin to make and receive calls as normal.

When will I receive my new Yealink Zoom desk phone?
On the day scheduled for your location (see current Zoom Phone schedule here), OIT will be replacing the current Cisco desk phones with new Yealink Zoom phones. The OIT team will prioritize call center personnel and the College’s main points of contact during the phone handset replacement process.

Can I make and receive calls immediately before OIT places my new Zoom phone on my desk?  Once your Brookdale phone number is moved over to Zoom Phone, the Cisco phone at your desk will no longer be able to make or receive calls. Your new Yealink Zoom phone may not be physically placed at your desk yet; however, you can immediately make and receive phone calls by logging into the Zoom app via the Brookdale portal on your computer or mobile device. This is the same Zoom app that you currently use for Zoom videoconferencing, no new Zoom app is required to use Zoom Phone. For instructions showing how to log into the Zoom app via the Brookdale portal, click here.  If you have not used the Zoom app on your computer or mobile device previously, you can download it here.

What about my voicemail?
Once you receive your initial welcome email from Zoom – indicating that your Brookdale phone number has been ported over and assigned to your new Zoom Phone account – all new voicemails will be automatically forwarded to your Brookdale email inbox.  Your welcome email from Zoom will also include your initial voicemail PIN code.  In order to (1) record your voicemail greeting, (2) learn how to check your voicemail through the Zoom app or (3) using your Yealink Zoom desk phone, see the instructions below.


How to change your voicemail greeting

  1. Sign into the Brookdale web portal found here.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Phone, then click Settings.
  3. In Call Handling, click Audio Library.
  4. Click Add Audio.
  5. Record a new greeting or Upload a file.


How to check your voicemail in the Zoom app

  1. In the Zoom app, click the Phone tab .
  2. Click Voicemail.
  3. Locate the voicemail you want to listen to, and press Play


How to check your voicemail on your Yealink Zoom desk phone

  1. Press the Voicemail key next to the dial pad.
  2. Enter your PIN Code and press #.

Zoom Phones enable secure voice calls across all supported devices.

To ask questions and talk to our internal Zoom Phone team regarding this project – email us at: zoomphoneteam@brookdalecc.edu.

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