Student taking classes at the Hazlet Higher Education Center (HEC) and who made the fall 2018 Dean’s List and 2017-2018 part time Dean’s List were recognized at a ceremony held at Hazlet in March.

“You’ve made the smart choice to come to Brookdale,” said Dr. Matthew Reed, vice president for learning. “Congratulations on your achievements.”

More than 75 Hazlet students met the criteria for making the Dean’s List – a GPA of 3.5 or higher and a 100 percent completion rate of classes.

“This location has the services I need close to home,” Gabby Anjos, one of the Dean’s List recipients, said of the Hazlet HEC.

“I get to know my teachers better because it is a smaller community,” said Erin McGrath.

“It’s different from a four-year college,” said Sarah Grady, who made the Dean’s List for the first time. “The teachers really want you to understand the material, not just pass the class.”

Grady’s mother, Diane Grady, attended Brookdale in the 1970s, and they both had the opportunity to take a class taught by Art Marshall, professor in the education department. “Professor Marshall’s Human Geography class was one of my favorite classes,” said Diane Grady.

“He really advocates for his students and focuses on making sure the students are learning,” Sarah Grady said about Marshall.

Caitlin Harrigan, second semester nursing student, said she was “super excited” upon learning of the honor.

Photo Caption:

Hazlet students proudly display their Dean’s List certificates.