Kristin Worthley, admissions representative, is organizing a donation drive to help the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Worthley explained she has a friend who works for a company that provides the shipping costs of sending donations to victims of natural disasters. “They are able to take on all the shipping costs which allows us to donate the goods and make sure they get to the people who need it,” she said. Worthley will collect donations from Brookdale faculty, staff, and administrators and then give the donations to her friend so the items are directly sent to areas in need.

This is not the first time Worthley, a member of Brookdale’s Employee Volunteer Connection, has collected donations to help those in need. “I found this is something that I can involve the college in and reach people who really need help,” she said.

Worthley said Brookdale’s response to the calls for donations has always been phenomenal. “I literally filled my car, like I had to take the car seats out, three times,” she said about a previous call for donations. In addition, employees have helped spread the word about the donations to other organizations in the county. “We have reached a lot of different outlets in the county, which was really great,” said Worthley.

“A lot of times we want to help, we find things in our home that we can donate, or are willing to buy new items to donate, but you want to know that it is getting to the people who need it,” Worthley said. The partnership Worthley created ensures the donated items are received by the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

The items that are needed are:

All items can be dropped off at Worthley’s office in CAR 101, the admissions office.