EOF counselors, while providing individual students with academic, career, financial and personal counseling also develop and deliver various types of student programming. This programming may address such areas as health and wellness, diversity awareness, learning strategy, career development, transfer preparation, and like skill management topics.

Our EOF counselors are also college faculty members and teach courses that are part of the college’s Human Development (HUDV) curriculum.

Areas of Focus: Student Development Programming

Early Bird Orientation: Brookdale’s Office of Recruitment Services coordinates an orientation and registration program designed to help high school seniors make a smooth transition into the Brookdale Community. Early Bird Days, held throughout May and into June, are scheduled for high schools and their seniors who have made application and are Accuplacer tested. The seniors participate in an orientation to Brookdale and register for their fall classes.

Our EOF program participates in the Early Bird program. Our EOF new student admits attend course registration group sessions facilitated by our EOF counselors.

EOF College Preparatory Summer Institute, Student Success Seminar: In this six-session seminar, new students to the program preparing themselves for their first fall semester, identify, analyze, apply, and reflect on factors associated with achieving personal, academic, and career success through the pursuit of a college education. College culture is examined, and personal responsibility and self-motivation explored in demonstrating the choices successful students make.

Special focus is given to the advice and insights provided by first-generation college students on navigating the college journey and making transparent what a community college experience has to offer and where it can take you in life.

HUDV 107 First Year Seminar: In this 1-credit 10 week course students learn to identify and practice a variety of skills and behaviors that can foster success in college and work. Students explore their personal values and academic goals through individual projects, class exercises, and group interaction. This course is highly recommended for all first-time, full-time students. This course should be taken in the student’s first semester at Brookdale.

HUDV 108 Achievement Motivation: This 1-credit 10 week course focuses on helping students further develop strengths that will foster increased academic, career and personal success- including leadership skills! Activities are designed to unveil the talents students possess and ways to develop and use those talents! Note: Satisfies EOF program participation requirements for those not in good academic standing and possibly seeking EOF program support for reinstatement based on academic/financial aid suspension.

HUDV 117 Career Exploration: In this 1-credit 10 week course students learn about career options and identify career choices that match their passions. Students are able to build a career portfolio- a plan that helps them avoid the potential obstacles to the career decision making process, and better understand what majors and related employment and career paths can be made available to them.

Minority Male Initiative Mini-Conference: One of our EOF counselors, Mr. Fidel Wilson is Brookdale’s lead coordinator in managing a partnership dedicated to promoting the success of minority males interested in pursuing a college education. Partners include the Monmouth/Ocean County Pan-Hellenic Council and our Educational Opportunity Fund. An assortment of workshops and panel presentations are offered which address college planning and the academic and social dimensions of college life.

Project Excel, an Intervention Program for At-Risk Students: EOF Counselors in one to one meetings with students in academic difficulty help students to improve their academic standing and therefore ensure no further academic difficulties lead to school suspension/dismissal or loss of financial aid.

During participation in Project Excel, the college’s academic standing standards and Federal Title IV Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Standards are reviewed. There is opportunity to think about and identify factors contributing to one’s current academic standing and goal setting and an action plan to improve one’s academic standing are developed.

EOF counselors guide students through this process and meet intermittently with students to assist them where needed with determining how best to successfully manage their studies given any challenges they may be facing.

Student Success Conferences/Events: Our student success conferences and events are designed to increase our student’s knowledge and comprehension of principles, practices, and opportunities which can promote their health and wellness, academic and career success, and foster active citizenship. EOF counselors facilitate workshops that address a number of these areas across our New Student & Parent Assembly, New Student Convocation, and our fall and spring conferences.