The Honors Symposium and Capstone event held at Brookdale Community College was a celebration of academic excellence and intellectual achievement. President David M. Stout welcomed the graduating students and expressed his appreciation to the professors and advisors who had played a pivotal role in guiding the students throughout their academic journey. 

The symposium showcased the honor graduates’ exceptional research projects in their majors, each of whom worked diligently with their respective professors over the year. These capstone projects demonstrated their ability to tackle complex subjects with depth and creativity. 

The presentations covered a wide array of thought-provoking topics, highlighting the diversity and intellectual curiosity of the honor graduates.  

Felix Ahearn under the guidance of Fine Art Instructor Amy Faris, delved into the controversial realm of AI art, exploring the ethical and artistic implications of machines creating artwork.  

Emma Jane Cardillo delved into the fascinating relationship between music, the mind, and culture, under the mentorship of Music Professor Keith Heimann.  

Jacob Dice, guided by Biology Instructor Robert Grant, examined the devastating effects of coral bleaching on our ecosystems.  

Nicholas Farrell, under the guidance of English Professor Angela Saragusa, explored the rich history and practical applications of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Rebekah Fischoff, also advised by Professor Saragusa, focused on the importance of balancing success with mental wellness in her project titled “Dolce Far Niente.”  

Elise Monsanto, with the guidance of Political Science Professor Jonathan Moschberger, examined the phenomenon of trend fatigue and its societal implications.  

Lila Trench, under the mentorship of Psychology Professor Brian Oland, conducted cross-cultural studies on the ideal concept of marital satisfaction.  

Jonathan “Johnny” Weaver, advised by Professor Moschberger, tackled the pressing issue of school stress and its impact on this generation.  

The event would not have been possible without the dedication and support of the honor advisors, Professor Jonathan Moschberger and Associate Professor Cheryl Fencik. As the Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator of Honors at Brookdale, respectively, their guidance and expertise were invaluable in nurturing the academic growth of these exceptional students. 

The  event not only celebrated the academic achievements of the honor graduates but also served as a testament to the intellectual rigor and passion that Brookdale fosters within its student body.  

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