Sherri Vanderspiegel

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Student Life & Activities 732-224-2788

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all club meetings will be held virtually (online). If you are interested in joining, please use the above contact information to get in touch with the club or Student Life & Activities for more details!

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Brookdale Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, plus more (LGBT+)
Club is to bring together like minded individuals & raise awareness on a variety of issues
facing the LGBT+ community today and in the past. The LGBT+ Club is also here to
foster relationships with others, creating a community for those who may feel outcast
from the larger student body here at Brookdale Community College. We strive to connect
people through activity & discussion, finding a balance meant to make many feel
welcomed & involved and to give individuals a safe environment to be themselves.

Club Constitution