This guide is designed as an introduction to general copyright information for the Brookdale Community College community.

The primary focus is to provide basic information on copyright and fair use laws; it also focuses on commonly asked questions about copyrighted materials for library reserve and classroom distribution.

Copyright Laws

Copyright Law of 1976, as amended and revised July 2001
Copyright Basics
Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998

Fair Use

Fair use of copyrighted materials
Copyright in the library
CONFU: The Conference on Fair Use
Fair use
Code of best practices in fair use for online video

General Information

Know Your Copy Rights – Resources for Teaching Faculty
10 big myths about copyright explained
Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
Using materials from the Internet
Copyright Renewal Database – Stanford (1950-1992 Renewals)
Copyright Clearance Center
Getting permission
Teaching Copyright

Citation Guides

Citing your sources: APA style – online
Citing your sources: MLA style – online
Citation guides for electronic documents
Guide to citation styles