Michael Desch was named one of the seven Brookdale graduates who will receive the Outstanding Student Award at the commencement ceremonies on May 16. The awards recognize student academic excellence, community service, and personal accomplishments.

Desch will attend the New Jersey Institute of Technology to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

The Middletown High School North said he came to Brookdale without a specific goal or degree in mind. Over time, he learned more about his own interest and strengths, enabling him to chart a course to pursue. He cites Spyro Roubus in the Math Department and Lisa Hailey in the Engineering Department as two individuals who were helpful in providing guidance and direction.

“Professor Roubus played a big role in my development, inspired me to pursue a passion for mathematics and presented course material and concepts in fun and creative ways,” said Desch.  “Without Professor Hailey’s advice and guidance, I would not have made it this far,” said Desch. “She created an easy to understand break down of courses I would need to take by semester and helped to ease my transition to Brookdale and to plan my career path.”

Desch has been active in the math and engineering clubs. He said both helped to provide support and outlets for his interests in and outside the classroom.

He said he was honored to be included among the Outstanding Student Award winners. He is grateful to all who encouraged him and urged him to fulfill his potential.


“Don’t hesitate to reach out to faculty and ask about courses, internships or even job opportunities. Professors here want to see their students succeed and are committed to passing on their knowledge and experience to the next generation.”

-Michael Desch

“The Outstanding Student Award Winners excelled academically and helped to make the Brookdale campus even more vibrant and engaging through their leadership and involvement in student clubs, organizations and activities. Their positive impact and community service extended beyond Brookdale, and I know that we’ll see more great accomplishments from them in the coming years.”

-President David Stout

Photo caption:

Michael Desch to pursue mechanical engineering at NJIT.