Brookdale Community College is proud to announce the opening of nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Award. This distinguished accolade honors exceptional individuals who have made remarkable contributions in their professional, personal, and civic endeavors, leaving an indelible mark on the college community and the broader society. The recipients of this esteemed award will be celebrated at the upcoming College Commencement ceremonies in May 2024, adding to the tradition of recognizing outstanding alumni achievements.

The Distinguished Alumni Award is a testament to the outstanding accomplishments of individuals who have excelled in their professional fields and demonstrated a commitment to community service. Nominations are sought for alumni who embody excellence in the following two categories:

Professional Achievements:
The award acknowledges alumni with exceptional accomplishments in their respective fields. Whether in business, academia, healthcare, the arts, or any other sphere, nominees are expected to have significantly impacted and demonstrated a commitment to excellence.

Personal Achievements and Community Service:
Beyond professional success, the award also recognizes alumni who have actively contributed to the community through exemplary service. This includes involvement in charitable organizations, community projects, or any area where their participation has set them apart as role models for others.

The Brookdale Community College Alumni Association extends an open invitation to the college community and the public to participate in the nomination process. The nomination period is underway, with the deadline of Friday, January 26th. This provides ample time for individuals to reflect on the outstanding achievements of their fellow alumni and submit nominations for those who have genuinely made a difference.

To submit a nomination, interested parties can visit the official Brookdale Community College website or contact the Alumni Association for more information. Nominators are encouraged to provide a comprehensive overview of the nominee’s achievements, emphasizing their professional and personal contributions to society.

The Distinguished Alumni Award at Brookdale Community College serves as a beacon of inspiration, highlighting the incredible accomplishments of graduates who have gone above and beyond in their professional and personal lives. As the nomination period unfolds, the college community eagerly anticipates the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the outstanding individuals who continue to bring pride and distinction to Brookdale Community College. Don’t miss the chance to nominate an alumna or alumnus who has truly made a lasting impact!