Brookdale Community College’s esteemed reputation for educational excellence owes its foundation to the unwavering commitment and hard work of its exceptional staff. Established in 1967 by the Monmouth County, NJ Board of Chosen Freeholders, the institution has been shaped over the past five decades by dedicated individuals like Sandra “Sandy” Grande, John “Jack” Ryan, and Dominic “Dom” Nigro.

Sandy Grande, a cornerstone of Brookdale for nearly 54 years, embarked on her journey in 1970 as a Keypunch Operator, progressing through various roles as a Control Specialist, Senior Control Data Entry Specialist, and Enrollment Specialist.

Her diverse responsibilities spanned from processing enrollment and degree verifications to handling dual enrollment applications, program changes, residency updates, immunization records, generating admission and academic progress letters, training admissions staff, and many other vital functions.

Colleagues and supervisors praise her patience, intuition, dedication, and exceptional organization. Sandy’s selfless commitment was particularly evident when she voluntarily covered weekend shifts and continued to work in-office during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jack Ryan, who began his Brookdale odyssey as a student in 1969, later became an employee in 1973, faithfully serving the institution for five decades. His initial role in the Athletics Department included positions like Equipment Manager, Athletic Trainer, and coach for various sports teams.

Jack’s dedication extended to academic roles, serving as a Continuing Education Instructor, Collage Advisor, and English Faculty member. As an approachable, imaginative, and engaging professor, Jack embraced additional responsibilities and actively participated in co-curricular and community events. His impact on students’ athletic, academic, and personal development has been immeasurable.

Professor Dominic “Dom” Nigro has been an integral part of Brookdale Community College for 53 years, commencing his tenure in July 1970 as an Assistant Professor of Student Development Specialist. His enduring commitment to student support is evident through his role as a Counselor, guiding students through their college journey. Dom’s leadership extends beyond counseling, with his active involvement in the Brookdale Faculty Association and various advisory, negotiations, and promotion committees.

His industrious nature and outstanding counseling skills have consistently gone the extra mile to assist students, bringing creative ideas to the counseling program. Professor Nigro’s influence on countless students, both academically and personally, cannot be overstated.

Together, these three exceptional individuals have played pivotal roles in nurturing the academic and personal success of countless students and shaping Brookdale Community College into one of the premier community colleges in the United States of America.