Brookdale partners with elite universities and companies to make it more affordable and easier for our graduates to achieve their educational and career goals. What does this mean for you? It means as a Brookdale graduate, you will have the advantage when you transfer to a university to further your education and when you apply for a job to land your dream career.

Brookdale has partnered with Georgian Court University, New Jersey City University (NJCU), and Rutgers University to bring affordable bachelor’s and master’s degrees to our convenient locations close to your home. After graduating Brookdale with an associate’s degree, this partnership lets you seamlessly transfer to bachelor’s degree programs at Georgian Court, NJCU, and Rutgers at Brookdale’s locations in Hazlet, Lincroft, and Wall. All coursework is completed right here in Monmouth County as Brookdale graduates obtain their next level of education while saving money and achieving their higher education goals.

Brookdale has New Jersey 3+1 Pathway Partnerships with Georgian Court University and Thomas Edison State University. A 3+1 agreement means in addition to the average 60 credits required for students to obtain their associate’s degree at Brookdale, graduates complete an additional 30 credits of coursework at Brookdale; therefore, students only need to complete the remaining 30 credits required for a bachelor’s degree at the partner school of Georgian Court or Thomas Edison. According to U.S. News & World Report, the average tuition and fees for a bachelor’s degree from an in-state public college is over $40,000 and for a private college is over $145,000. If Brookdale graduates take advantage of the Thomas Edison 3+1 partnership, the average cost is $24,000. If Brookdale graduates take advantage of the Georgian Court 3+1 partnership, the average cost is $33,000. That means a total savings of anywhere from $16,000 to over $112,000 for Brookdale graduates who take advantage of one of our NJ 3+1 Pathway Partnerships to achieve their goal of obtaining their associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree with one of our partners!

In addition to the partnerships with top universities, Brookdale also has partnered with top businesses to help graduates achieve their career goals in high-demand and lucrative fields.

Brookdale has partnered with the luxury automobile dealership Ray Catena Auto Group to give the advantage to our auto technology graduates. At every one of Ray Catena’s 23 luxury dealerships, two Brookdale Auto Tech students are offered internships every year. That is 46 internships a year with one of New Jersey’s top luxury dealerships. The completion of an internship such as this, which gives students an opportunity to learn from the best in the field, Brookdale graduates of the Automotive Technology program have a major advantage over the competition when they apply for auto tech positions that are in high demand. The benefits of the partnership between Brookdale and Ray Catena continue with Brookdale Auto Tech graduates who are offered employment at Ray Catena are eligible for tuition and tool expense reimbursement for an average of $16,000. Brookdale graduates are also eligible for longevity employment bonuses from Ray Catena up to $12,000. The benefits of this partnership mean Brookdale graduates profit with a career in a luxury dealership and get reimbursed for their schooling and hard work.

In addition to the above mentioned auto partnership, Brookdale has partnered with General Motors and Subaru to give students the opportunity to acquire certification from these major auto manufacturers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nation will need more than 530,000 car and light truck mechanics through 2026. For New Jersey, that translates into 24,000 auto technician jobs that will need to be filled over the next few years. The Brookdale partnerships with General Motors and Subaru for certification will make Brookdale Auto Tech graduates more marketable and give them the advantage in the job market.

Brookdale also has professional training partnerships to give graduates the preparation they need to enter high-demand work force positions and careers.

Brookdale’s partnership with 160 Driving Academy brings to life a vocational driving school on the college’s main campus in Lincroft. This partnership creates a path for students to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CCL) which is required to drive tractor trailers, semi-trucks, dump trucks, and passenger buses. The current critical shortage of commercial truck drivers means individuals with a CDL are in high demand. Industry experts have predicted more than 300,000 trucking jobs will be available nationally by next year. 160 Driving Academy helps its graduates find jobs with national companies, and current graduates are earning up to $40,000 a year in their first year of employment. This partnership is addressing work force needs and placing Brookdale graduates in a field that is continuing to grow.

Brookdale has a long-standing partnership with Jersey Central Power and Light (JCP&L) to prepare graduates of Brookdale’s two degrees in Electric Utility Technology for employment opportunities in the industry with a specific focus on line worker or substation electrician training. The coursework is designed to provide students the opportunity to develop both the academic and technical skills needed for employment in the electric utility technology industry. This unique program combines classroom learning with hands-on training and field experience so Brookdale graduates are equipped and ready for a career in the electric utility industry.

All of the partnerships were developed to help Brookdale graduates be successful in the next stage of their journey. Whether your goal is to continue your education or begin your dream career, Brookdale’s partnerships give you the affordability and advantage you need to obtain them.

Brookdale, here will get you there.