Psychology & Human ServicesAdvisors
Christine Greco-Covington 732-224-1815
Nicole Jackson-Walker 732-224-1816

Club Email

Student Life & Activities 732-224-2788

Meetings will resume in the Fall 2023 semester

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Psychology and Human Services Club is to: enable members to learn more about the fields of psychology and human services and meet other students with similar interests, provide an open forum for guest orators to speak to our members in relation to the countless ways one can assist their community, become acquainted with professional development for their career and other aspects of psychology that are not taught in the classroom, host activities each year not limited to: informative speakers, off-campus trips, campus awareness events, and membership parties, create a social-learning atmosphere for students interested in Psychology and Human Services, bring together students, teachers, and members of the professions in tasks of advancing scholarship by fostering professionalism, competence, and fraternity in the fields, and provide educational enrichment, personal development, social opportunities and networking.

Club Constitution