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Student Life & Activities

Meetings will take place on 2/27 at 4pm, and 3/25 at 12pm in MAS. Please contact the club for specific Spring 2024 meeting location.

Mission Statement
The SNA’s mission is to assist nursing students by providing constant support and guidance while conveying standards of excellence, ethics and skills that are needed to be successful in their education and become proud members of the nursing profession.

Why Join SNA?  The Brookdale Student Nurses’ Association is a valuable resource that provides nursing students an opportunity to network and connect with fellow nursing students for advice and support.

What is SNA? The Student Nurses’ Association is a resource; a community of nursing students working together to navigate the complex and challenging curriculum of the nursing program.  The uniqueness of the nursing program, with its breadth of material and comprehensive curriculum and laboratory skills testing can be overwhelming.   It is challenging, and even more so when one feels alone in the process.  The SNA is a community of like-minded students who share a common goal: to help one another get through the program successfully! The SNA helps see nursing students through by 1) holding monthly networking meetings featuring outside speakers from the nursing and healthcare community and 2) providing organized SNA community events.

SNA Membership:  The SNA membership dues of $20 is a one-time payment which covers the course of the entire program.  The dues go toward a variety of activities, including lunch for monthly meetings, supplementing the cost of SNA apparel and stethoscopes, and the tradition of the “Pinning Ceremony” upon graduation to honor the dedicated efforts of the nursing graduates. The SNA dues can be thought of as one’s commitment to the complete the nursing program and participate in the venerable pinning ceremony.

What to expect at monthly meetings:  Meeting and networking with fellow students to share knowledge and experience; relevant speakers from the medical fields, including interactive presentations from RN’s working in emergency medicine, pediatrics, critical care, forensic nursing, etc.; and of course lunch will be served!

Club Constitution

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