Tracey Abby-White, recent past president of the Board of Trustees at Brookdale Community College, is honored as Trustee Woman of the Year by the American Association for Women in Community Colleges (AACC). She received the announcement of the honor in a letter from Dr. Monique Umphrey, Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs for the Austin Community College District. Dr. Umphrey is also president of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges.

“We applaud you on your accomplishments and your esteemed work as a Trustee for Brookdale Community College,” Dr. Umphrey wrote. Ms. Abby-White is currently serving her third term on the Board of Trustees for the community college. She is also the Senior Director of Global Sales Enablement for IronNet Cyber Security.

Ms. Abby-White was recently named chairman of the Atlantic Highlands municipal Tri-District Feasibility Study Committee. She is a former councilwoman for Atlantic Highlands, where she served on multiple committees and founded the Atlantic Highlands Youth Commission. In addition, for seven years, she served on the Henry Hudson Regional Board of Education, holding all offices, including the president.

In issuing the invitation, Dr. Umphrey also said, “you have joined an elite group of women community college leaders who are making a difference for their institutions and the communities they serve.”

Ms. Abby-White was recognized at the Annual Awards Breakfast of the AACC National Convention on Sunday, May 1, in New York.

Credit: Muriel Smith