The final votes are in, and the winner of the UndocuAlly-Brookdale Community College logo design that will adorn campus buildings and office doors is Nicole Stouppe! However, she was not the only winner. Everyone who participated in this project was a winner for the logo it generated and the learning and collaboration that grew from it.

One of the design requirements was to incorporate the butterfly because the monarch butterfly’s annual migration to and from Mexico exemplifies the movement, transformation, and survival of human migrants.

“Because of the migration patterns of the Monarch, it has become a widely accepted symbol for immigration solidarity,” said Stouppe. That is why the center of my logo is the butterfly, and I added the trail of dots coming from the butterfly to symbolize migration. In addition, on the edge of the butterfly’s wing, I added the outline of a face to bring humanity to the logo.”

Stouppe is majoring in Graphic Design and says she loves it!

“This is the first logo I have created that I will see printed and on display in the world, and I am happy it is for a group that brings people together, guides them and helps people feel safe in their environment,” she said.

Professor Ashley Zampogna-Krug last spring contacted Trent Welcome and Sean Cahill, adjunct instructors of Graphic Design, regarding the need for a new UndocuAlly Club logo. Realizing this was a fantastic opportunity, they agreed to weave it into their curriculum.

“By way of this partnership the Graphic Design Production class gained real-world experience in the form of a client-designer dynamic,” said Cahill. “Often, this is something that is only experienced through internships or job placements. However, the UndocuAlly logo project brought this experience into our classroom. For that reason, it was an invaluable endeavor.”

Many UndocuAlly club members were amazed by the beauty and positive energy put into the designs. In addition, they could feel the support from their peers.

There were 20 total students in the Graphic Design Production class (GRPH-204) who participated and created praise-worthy designs, including Michael Schon, and Frankie DiGiovanni, the other design finalists.

“What I learned was graphic design can not only hit the creative aspect but the emotional aspect as well,” one student revealed.

“I learned that clients and projects can come in many different shapes and forms and no two clients or projects will be the same,” said another student discussing the process of working with a client. “I have to be ready for any kind of project that is offered to me.”

The Dreamers+ students shared their stories and the importance of their club and UndocuAlly with the graphic design students. It created a beautiful bridge between two formerly disconnected student groups.

“I learned about how much of a struggle it still is,” one graphic design student wrote about his experience.

“Unfortunately, I am not very well educated at all about immigration,” another student commented. “During the club’s presentation, I was able to understand how difficult it was for immigrants to get information and resources about schools and their education. It really surprised me.”

UndocuAlly is a Fall 2021 Community College Opportunity Grant (CCOG ) awardee. The UndocuAlly committee hopes to use the grant to promote the resources Brookdale offers for undocumented students and adorn the campus with imagery created by Stouppe that illustrates the solidarity with the immigrant student community.

Stouppe is encouraged by this experience and would love to continue her education at an art school.

“My ultimate dream would be to do freelance work and finish my graphic design education at an art school part time while I build my freelance career and name,” she said.