Overview – NetID

MyBrookdale NETID is a user name and password you can use for everything you do online with Brookdale.  To access NETID,  go to the Brookdale website, click the MyBrookdale link from the top navigation and select the NETID icon from the QuickLaunch drop down menu.

Available to

Current Students, Faculty and Staff.

Key Features

  • Look up your account information: look up your user name, default password, Brookdale email address, Brookdale ID number and your 14 digit Library access code.
  • Change your password: change your password if you know your current password.
  • Reset you password: change/reset your password when you do not know your current password.


NetID Password Management Documentation

Password Guidelines: Your password is the gateway to all the IT resources at Brookdale. It’s important you keep it safe and secure as some of our systems contain personally identifiable information. Never share your password with anyone. OIT will never ask you to email your password or ask you to enter your password on a website. If you receive such email or request, do not respond to them. Forward them to Help Desk so OIT can take immediate action.

If you have an issue or request related to this service, the Brookdale Office of Information Technology’s Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The IT Help Desk can be reached by any one of the following methods:

Service-Now (SNOW)


Call: (732) 224-2829