LGBTQ Ally Program


embracing diversity • teaching awareness & sensitivity • providing support & resources


Anyone can be an ally, but it takes someone SPECIAL to be a Brookdale LGBTQ Ally!

In 2009, a small group of Brookdale faculty, administrators & staff began development of what would become the Brookdale ALLY program. Since then, more than 50 Brookdale community members have participated in training & have signed up to be “Brookdale Allies.” Those listed in the database below (under “Find an Ally”) have committed to serving as resources for students, staff, & faculty looking for support while members of our community. While our specific focus is on LGBTQ concerns, we are committed to Brookdale as a welcoming place and to the dignity of all members of the community, regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, religion, age, or ability.

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