Previous Civility Week themes and presentations


Recap of Fall 2022: Imagine Social Media Conscience

A History of Civility
Presented by Dr. David Bassano, Professor, History

Keynote Address

Ukraine vs. Russia: Social Media as Wartime Propaganda
Presented by: Dr. George Reklaitis, Professor, History
Link to recorded presentation.

Finding Balance: Getting to a place where social media works best for you and your mental health
Panelists:  Belinda Asamoah (student), Joie Bauman (student) Gina Giannattasio (Associate High Schools and Strategic Partnerships), Patrick Zavorskas (Hourly Wellness Center Team Member), Gina Ziegler (Hourly Social Media Administrator), Ken Pecoraro (LCSW, LCADC, CCS, CPC Behavioral Healthcare) and moderated by Dinneen Jackson (Director Wellness Center)

Social Media Around the World
Presented by: The International Education Center, International Student Association

PURPLE: America, We Need To Talk
A short film and community conversation uncovering our humanity beneath our national conflict.

The Internet Was Not Designed for Security and Privacy
Presented by: Michael Qaissaunee, Professor, Engineering & Technology

Creating Connections with the Psychology and Human Services Club
Presented by: The Brookdale Psychology and Human Services Club

Radio for Hate, Radio for Peace
Presented by: Sara Brown, Director, Center of Holocaust, Human Rights and Genocide Education
Link to recorded presentation.

Social Movement Technologies: Instagram & TikTok
Presented by: Angela Kariotis, Director, Diversity and Inclusion, GACR

The Social Dilemma A film about the trappings of Social Media
Presented by: Stephen Fowler, Teaching, Learning & Technology, Instructional Designer; William Ryan, Professor, Languages and ESL; Ave Latte, Professor, Education
The Social Dilemma Official Trailer

Media as Medium

Effect of Social Media on Mental Health
Presented by: Dr. Rajkumari Wesley, Professor of Psychology & Faculty Coordinator, The Global Citizenship Distinction Program
Belinda Asamoah, International Student, Sophia Jimenez, Student, Mary Romanowski, Student
Link to recorded presentation.

The Modotti Family: Immigrant Transnationalism before Social Media
Presented by: Ashley Zampogna-Krug, History
Link to recorded presentation.

Recap of Spring 2022: Centering Our Collective Stories: Listening As an Act of Civility

Keynote Address – “Civility in the Midst of Unrest”
Presented by Minister Kerwin Webb, Pastor at the Second Baptist Church of Asbury Park and President of the Greater Red Bank Area NAACP.
How can one be expected to be civil in the face of danger and attack? Looking at 40-foot waves as they come rushing towards your dwelling is no time to be polite and calm.  In his keynote address, Minister Kerwin Webb, addresses the value of civility and probes the possibility of remaining civil even in the most difficult times.  Link to recorded presentation.

“Civil Conversation – It Can Be Done!”
Presented by Joe Ritacco, Board Member of the Monmouth Center for World Religions and Ethical Thought
Civil conversation is a skill that can be learned! Learning this skill can lead to improved, even repaired, interpersonal relationships and ease the formation of new relationships. Lastly, it can help you learn from others by asking those important, sensitive questions.
Link to recorded presentation.

“Understanding that People with Disabilities Are, in fact, People”
Presented by Orrie Schulman, Founder of Caring With Compassion
Link to recorded presentation.

“Can Queer People Afford Civility?” 
Presented by Leah Wasacz, Brookdale Writing Center Tutor
Link to recorded presentation.

“Stories Behind the American Dream”
Presented by Dr. Ashley Zampogna-Krug, Assistant Professor of History, & Frank Wyman Scholarship Students Jesus Calle Bula and Bianca Japitana
Examine a history of undocumented immigration in the United States through the stories of immigrants, both those of the past and those from today. Link to the recorded presentation.

 “Suffragist Speak: Race, Slavery, and the Fight for the Vote”
Presented by Dr. Connie Goddard, Education Director for the American Association of University Women – Northern Monmouth County Branch, & Gilda Rogers, Adjunct Professor of History and Executive Director of the T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center
Link to presentation.

Recap of Fall 2021: Transcending Divisions

Keynote Speaker: Steven Petrow, Award Winning Journalist and Author

The opening ceremony, featured keynote speaker, Steven Petrow an award-winning journalist who writes and speaks on the theoretical underpinnings of civility, its role in a just society, and how civility can be practiced every day. Petrow is author of the Civil Behavior column for the New York Times and the Civilities column for the Washington Post. His Ted Talk, 3 Ways to Practice Civility, has received nearly two million views.

Program & Recordings

“Professionalism and Civility in the Workplace”  Presented by Jill Donovan, director, Bill Kelly and Anne Laporta, assistant directors of Career, Leadership and Transfer Pathways
Resource links: Library Resources on Civility; Assess Yourself; Christine Porath Ted Talk

Opening Ceremony and Keynote Event “Closer Than We Might Appear: A Conversation on Connection, Communication and Civil Discourse with Steven Petrow”  Moderated by Angela Kariotis, director of Diversity and Inclusion/CCOG

“Self-Care Leads to Greater Civility”  Presented by Professor Tricia D’Aloia Gandolfo, director of Nursing

“Human & Humane: Trauma Informed, Non Violent Communication, and Compassionate Curiosity in the Classroom” Presented by Laura McCullough, professor of English

 “The Long Shadow”: A Film Screening and Q & A with Director Frances Causey Presented by Dr. Sara Brown, director of Center for Holocaust Human Rights and Genocide Education

“To Be Civil Is To Be Stigma-Free”Presented by Sara Burrill, associate professor of Psychology, Maeve Harrington and Emily Maxim, students, Human Services 

“Sociology, Self-reflexivity and Inequality” Presented by Dr. Diditi Mitra, associate professor of Sociology and Gabriella Green, student of Sociology

“Empathy: Not Just a Feeling, But an Actionable Skill” Presented by Dr. Christine Greco Covington, associate professor of Psychology