Personal & Psychological Counseling


Feeling Overwhelmed?

Brookdale’s Personal and Psychological Counseling Services has professionally trained and NJ licensed counselors ready to help.

Adjusting to the demands of college and difficult personal issues can stress anyone of us out, and we provide personal and psychological counseling to help you deal with relationship problems, feelings of anxiety and depression, substance use issues, family difficulties, and serious personal crises you may be experiencing such as grief and loss or sexual assault.

Your conversations with us are confidential* and in a safe, supportive, and accepting environment. We can help you clarify issues, provide support and guidance, and work toward solutions. Your wellbeing is very important to us. To schedule a confidential appointment with a personal counselor, call 732-224-2106.

We can also refer you to resources at the college or in your community should you require outside services and support, such as:

At Brookdale:

In the Community:

But most importantly, if you are having thoughts of suicide, or of harming yourself or others, please call 911 or 732-224-2222 immediately.


*Confidentiality can be broken if there is evidence of intent to harm one’s self or others. In this event, we will inform only those people whose assistance is needed to deal with the crisis.