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Group Study Room Policy

Group Study

Bankier Library Group Study Rooms are available for use to the Brookdale community.

The primary purpose of these rooms is to provide a place for students wishing to engage in collaborative and cooperative study in small groups. Accordingly, groups of three or more currently registered students always have priority when it comes to these rooms.

There are a total of 18 rooms available.

  • First floor:  Two group study rooms: LIB 128 & LIB 129. These rooms can be used by students and community members with students always having first priority.
  • Second floor:  Contains 14 group study rooms: LIB 229-LIB 232 and LIB 239-LIB 248. These rooms are for the use of currently registered Brookdale students only.
  • Mezzanine Level:  There are also two larger study rooms, LIB 227 and LIB 228, located off of stairways. These are for the use of four or more currently registered Brookdale students to collaborate.

All study rooms are Wi-Fi enabled for use with laptops, tablets, phones and other mobile devices.

Each Group Study Room contains:

  • A mounted whiteboard
  • A charging station for a variety of electronic devices
  • HDTVs in 16 of the 18 rooms which students can connect laptops to
  • WePresent boxes in several rooms that offer greater ease of collaboration

Groups of three or more currently registered students always have priority when it comes to these rooms. One or two students, individual community members, and groups of community members will be asked to relocate by Library Staff when currently registered groups of three or more students wish to use a room.

Reservation Guidelines

  • Reservations are taken for rooms 229-232 and 239-248. These rooms are designated for groups of three or more registered Brookdale students only.
  • Rooms may be reserved for a 2-hour block per day, per group of three or more students, during library hours. If no other groups are scheduled, the reservation can be extended for an additional 2- hours.
  • Reservations can only be made by a student with a valid Brookdale ID at the Circulation Desk for use on the same day. No telephone or email reservations will be accepted.
  • Patrons using the group study rooms are required to comply with our “Code of Conduct Policy.”
  • Reserved rooms not occupied 10 minutes after reserved time will be considered forfeited.
  • Rooms must be vacated at the end of the reserved time.

Rules of the Rooms

Food and Drink

Only covered drinks and snack food such as potato chips, granola bars and cookies can be consumed in the Group Study rooms.  Meals such as fast food, pizza, subs, and sandwiches are not allowed. Anyone seen with such items will be asked to leave the rooms.

Please clean up after yourself and report any major cleanliness issues to the staff at the Circulation or Information Desks.

Personal Belongings

Personal effects such as backpacks, laptops and books left unattended for more than 15 minutes may be removed from a room and turned over to Campus Police.

During Finals Time

During the last 4 weeks of each 15-week semester, all group study rooms are reserved for groups of three or more currently registered students only. If you are not a currently registered student, and a group of three or more currently registered students are requesting a room, you will be asked to relocate.


We wish to thank the generosity of the Brookdale Community College Foundation for the funds to upgrade our Group Study Rooms.