Printing Services for Brookdale Students and Employees

There are two laser printers on the first floor.

For photocopiers, there is one by the Tech Help Desk Area, first floor; the other one is outside the Dr. Mark Bankier Special Collections Room, second floor.

The cost of printing and copying: $0.10 per page for black & white and $0.90 per page for color.

To print or make photocopies in the Information Commons:

If you do not want to pay for printing, you can save your work to a USB flash drive or e-mail your work (or the file, the text, or the web site) to your e-mail address. Then you can print from your computer at home or elsewhere.

Printing Services for Guests and Community Members

A Guest Card can be obtained from the PHIL Station, near the Information Commons Tech Help Desk. The PHIL Station (an ATM type machine) is a dedicated station that can dispense Guest Cards. All library users are able to add value to their Cards by depositing cash or using a debit or credit card at the station.

If you need to get dollar bills from larger bills, there is a bill dispenser machine, on the other side of the PHIL Station. The bill dispenser machine accepts $5, $10 and $20 bills and gives back $1’s.