Bankier Library Instruction Services

Librarians at Bankier Library can support you and your students in the following ways:

Scheduling a library instruction session

Use this form to request a workshop for your class. If you’d like to talk directly with a librarian about your assignment and the possibilities for library instruction, please contact your department’s library liaison.

Once a librarian has been assigned to teach your session, please provide them with a copy of the relevant assignment your students are working on.

Library instruction sessions for Lincroft classes will take place in one of the 4 classrooms on the first floor of Bankier Library. These are hands-on classrooms with 22-25 networked computers. For classes taught at the Freehold Campus or the Higher Education Centers, library instruction sessions will take place in a computer classroom at that location. Instruction sessions typically last anywhere from 1-2 hours.

We request that you schedule sessions two weeks in advance in order to ensure that there is a room available and to give the instruction librarian adequate time to schedule and prepare for class.

Timing of sessions is critical. Students benefit most from a library workshop when it ties directly to a research assignment that you have already introduced. If students are coming to the workshop to learn how to use library resources to find sources for their assignment, they should come with their research topic already determined. Librarians are happy to work with you on developing resources (tutorials, guides, workshops) on topic development or any other aspect of the research process.

Your involvement in the library session is important. Students (and the library instructor) benefit from being able to ask you questions about the assignment and your expectations of their research.

Depending on the outcomes you hope for students to achieve, librarians may recommend integrating multiple library instruction sessions over the course of the semester instead of in a single session.