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Tuition & Fees

The tuition rate as well as a maximum amount per term is set annually by the Brookdale Board of Trustees and is approved by the Monmouth County Board of School Estimate.   Learn about our Tuition Payment Plan here.

Paying for Classes

1. Online – pay your entire balance or set up a tuition payment plan. Select the red “My Brookdale” tab above, and choose WebAdvisor.

2. Over the phone – call 1-800-722-4867 to pay with a credit card. (Having trouble paying? See if we can help – call 732-224-2707.)

3. In person – The Accounts Receivable Office is located in the CAR Building (park in Lot 5). Office hours are Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 6:30pm, Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm, and Saturday 9am to 12 noon. Or stop by a regional location with your payment (sorry, no cash) at Freehold, Neptune, Long Branch, Hazlet, or Wall Township.

Monmouth County Residents

The FY16 current tuition rate is $122.75 per credit (to a maximum of $1,841.25 based on a 15-credit maximum); and the general services fee is $29.46 (to a maximum of $441.90 per term).

For courses starting with the Summer III Term (and including the Fall 2016 terms), tuition is $129.75 per credit, the General Services Fee is $31.14 per credit, total cost per credit is $160.89. The table below is provided for easy reference for the cost of up to 15 Credits In County, Out-of-County, and Out-of-State.

Out-of-County Resident

Out-of-county residents who attend Brookdale because their county does not have a community college or because their county’s community college does not offer the program they wish to pursue, may be eligible for full or partial chargeback, a system by which they pay in-county tuition rates. Learn more about chargeback through the Brookdale Office of Recruitment — or through the Admissions Office of your local community college.

As of July 1, 2016, the Out-of-County residents is $245.50 per credit (to a maximum of $3,682.50 based on a 15-credit maximum) and the general services fee is $29.46 (to a maximum of $441.90 per term).

Out-of-State Residents

As of July 1, 2016, tuition is $270.50 per credit (to a maximum of $4,057.50 based on a 15 credit maximum) and the general services fee is $29.46 (to a maximum of $441.90).


In County
Credits Tuition Tuition Tuition   GS Fee
1 $    129.75  $    245.5 $    270.50    $   31.14
2   259.50   491.00 541.00      62.28
3   389.25   736.50 811.50      93.42
4   519.00   982.00 1,082.00    124.56
5   648.75  1,227.50  1,352.50    155.70
6   778.50 1,473.00 1,623.00    186.84
7   908.25 1,718.50 1,893.50    217.98
8 1,038.00 1,964.00 2,164.00    249.12
9 1,167.75 2,209.50 2,434.50    280.26
10 1,297.50 2,455.00 2,705.00    311.14
11 1,427.25 2,700.50 2,975.50    342.54
12 1,557.00 2,946.00 3,246.00     373.68
13 1,686.75 3,191.50 3,516.50    404.82
14 1,816.50 3,437.00 3,787.00    435.96
15 1,946.25 3,682.50 4,057.50    467.10

(Are you a Monmouth County resident?)

General Services Fees

In addition to tuition, a general services fee has been established by the Brookdale Board of Trustees to allow the College to provide the latest technologies, lab equipment, special programs, and many other extras for students. The general services fee is currently assessed at 24% of tuition.

Armed Forces Personnel & Dependents Stationed in Monmouth County

This group is eligible for the same rates as Monmouth County residents. Brookdale offers many special services to enlisted military and veterans; details are available in the Veterans section of this website.

About the 1098-T

Each year that you are enrolled in classes for which you earn credits, Brookdale is required to provide you with a 1098-T statement. The 1098-T contains information you will need when filing your federal tax return. It is also needed in order to qualify for any available educational tax credits such as the Lifetime Learning or Hope tax credit.

For details on these tax credits, or how to use the amounts listed on your statement, consult either a qualified tax preparer or IRS publication 970 titled “Tax Benefits for Education” – usually available on the web at

The 1098-T is not a statement of wages or a bill for tuition due. The amount shown in Box 2 on your 1098-T represents the total amount of tuition expense incurred during registration in the current tax year only, and may be different than the actual amount paid in that year.

The information on the form complies with IRS regulations. Please be aware that if you pre-registered in November or December of the prior tax year, for the Spring semester of the current tax year, that tuition will have been reflected on the previous year’s 1098-T and not on the statement for the current tax year. Also, if you pre-registered in November or December of this tax year, for the Spring semester of the next tax year, that tuition will be on the statement for the current tax year.

Again, the 1098-T does not reflect payments made. Box 2 indicates qualified tuition and related expenses incurred during registration within the current tax year.

For information on how to use this statement when filing your federal tax return, please consult a qualified tax preparer. If you have questions regarding the specific amounts shown on the 1098-T statement call (732) 224-2256.