Registration—the basics…

New Students

(All Students)
Step 1:  Apply to Brookdale
Registration cannot take place until the student’s application has been processed. You can apply to Brookdale to take courses as a degree or a certificate seeking student, or a non-degree student.  Please visit: for questions related to applying to Brookdale and to access our online application.  Please note, you only need to apply one time.  Your information remains in our system, even if you decide to change academic programs or take a break.

New Degree and Certificate Seeking Students

Step 2:  Complete our Admissions Testing

After your application is processed you will complete our admissions testing processes.  Don’t worry, these aren’t pass/fail tests; they’re an assessment to see where you are in terms of reading, writing and mathematics.  Be sure to take this testing seriously and complete all required sections.  If you need a little extra help in a particular area, we’ll make sure you get it to keep you on the right track to complete your academic program requirements and be successful in your courses.  Once your application is processed, you will receive more information about this next step and your ability to obtain a waiver if you have previous college credits or have met certain SAT/ACT and other testing score minimums.

New and Continuing Non-Degree Students

(ex. Visiting Students)
Step 2:  Review course pre-requisites before registering:

Non-Degree Students in certain categories (as noted below) are not required to complete Admissions Testing.  They are, however, responsible for ensuring that they have met pre-requisite requirements for the course(s) in which they plan to enroll.  While you are not required to show this proof at the time of registration, your course faculty member(s) may require that you provide proof to remain in their course.

New Degree and Certificate Seeking Students

Step 3:  Connect with a Success Coach and Register

You’ve applied to Brookdale, you’ve completed testing, now you’re ready for your next step; connecting with a Success Coach.  Our Success Coaches will provide you with feedback about your Admissions Testing, and help you understand the courses you need to complete your degree and certificate requirements.  They’ll share the Student Planning tool which allows you to see the requirements you need to complete and track your progress during your studies at Brookdale.  They’ll answer your questions and make sure you are ready for your next step; registration.  When you’re ready for this step, please contact our Advising Office at (732) 224-2555 to schedule your appointment to meet with a Success Coach.

During your appointment with your Success Coach you’ll discuss the registration process and they’ll provide you with help to complete this final step.

Visit: for more information about navigating Student Planning and registering for classes.

New and Continuing Non-Degree Students

(ex. Visiting Students)
Step 3:  Register for courses:

 You’ve applied to Brookdale, you’ve reviewed your course prerequisites, and you’ve determined you meet them.  Now you’re ready to register for your classes!  Click on the MyBrookdale tab at the top right-hand corner of any webpage, and then click the Self Service (WebAdvisor) button from the popup bar.

Visit: for a short tutorial providing step by step registration instructions.


The following students may register without Success Coach approval. Students in these categories are responsible for ensuring they have met any required pre-requisites associated with the courses they are taking.

*Students in these categories will not be blocked from registering for courses, but may be asked to provide proof of prior pre-requisite completion to their course instructor(s)

The following students may register online after meeting with a Success Coach and obtaining any required approvals. Students in these categories will be blocked from registering for a course in which they have not completed pre-requisite requirements:

The following students cannot register online and will require assistance from their special program coordinator (ex Fast Start and ESL program students) or a staff member from the Office of the Registrar and Records. In some cases they may be required to obtain special permission to register for courses, or may be required to wait until a specific date to do so: