How to Register

Registration cannot take place until the student`s application has been processed. Students with credits from other institutions or who have relevant field experience may be required to provide transcripts, or meet with Brookdale faculty to determine eligibility for particular courses.

Degree students who are considered restricted must have their course schedule approved by their academic advisor before they can register for classes. Please see the information listed below regarding online registration to determine if you may be considered restricted. Students within these categories are generally considered unrestricted and can register for classes as long as they have met pre-requisite requirements and are in good academic standing. If you need to schedule an appointment, you can do so by calling (732) 224-2555 or can log in to “AdvisorTrac” by clicking on “MyBrookdale” (red tab in the site header) and then “AdvisorTrac” to schedule your appointment through “AdvisorTrac” (accessible once you log in).

Students not registering online must register in person in the Center for Counseling, Admissions & Registration (use parking lot 5) or at their regional location or Branch Campus.

If you are an active student (a student enrolled in credit-bearing classes within the past year), it is more than likely that you have access to Webadvisor.  Active students have access to a student email account and various other password protected Brookdale student sites such as Webadvisor and Canvas. If you have access, please refer below to determine your eligibility to register online. If you have not attended within the past year, or you are unable to access Webadvisor, you must register in person.

Can I Register Online?

The following students may register online without Academic Advisor approval (Prerequisite policy in effect):

  • Non-Degree Brookdale Graduates
  • Non-Degree Graduates
  • Non-Degree Visiting Students
  • Non-Degree Students who have not taken the Accuplacer Placement Test (maximum 11 credits allowable)
  • Non-Degree Students who take the Accuplacer Placement Test but waive matriculation (maximum 30 credits allowable)
  • Matriculated (degree-seeking) students in Good Academic Standing (SAT or WARN), with 24 or more degree credits; no ESL or Developmental courses needed.

The following students may register online with Academic Advisor approval in the system (Prerequisite policy in effect):

  • New Matriculated (degree-seeking) Students
  • Matriculated (degree-seeking) students in Non-Satisfactory Academic Standing
  • Matriculated (degree-seeking) students with less than 24 degree credits

The following students cannot register online – you must register in person:

  • Non-Degree Fast Start Students
  • Non-Degree Certificate Students
  • Non-Degree English as a Second Language Students
  • Non-Degree Senior Citizens (must be 65 or over)

If you are cleared to register online, you can do so via Webadvisor  – click on the red MyBrookdale tab at the top right-hand corner of any webpage, and then click the WebAdvisor button from the popup bar.