Brookdale has many different resources to support our students and the employees who interact with them on a daily basis.  Having a clear and concise idea of where to report different types of incidents will help the College respond in the most effective way for everyone involved.

Any member of the Brookdale community can submit one of the reports below.  Use the examples to best determine the type of incident you would like to report, and then click on the button to the left to access the online incident report.

If you believe a student or the community is in immediate danger, please immediately contact the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Officers stationed at Brookdale at 732-224-2222.

Concerning Student Behavior

CLICK HERE to file

a Student of Concern Report

(Please note: The Student of Concern Report is copied to all the members of the Behavioral Intervention Team)

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a cross-functional group of College officials who review, evaluate and respond (if necessary) to reports of “Students of Concern”

Concerning Behavior Includes:

Changes in appearance and/or behavior

Perceived mental health issues*

Perceived threatening/self-injurious behavior (writing/talking of: harm/cutting/suicidal ideations)*

Perceived alcohol or drug concerns*

Perceived medical or health issues*

Relationship violence and/or issues*

Sudden, extended and/or unexplained class absence

Code of Conduct Violations

CLICK HERE to file

a Code of Conduct Incident Report

The Code of Conduct governs the behavior expected of our students, and the process that is followed when those expectations are not met 

Violations of the Code of Conduct May Include:

Severe/repeated classroom disruptions*


Assault/sexual assault*

Damage/theft of property*


Drug/alcohol use/possession*

*“Student of Concern Reports” & “Incident Reports” should never be used in an urgent situation, but rather to report incidents/behaviors that have already occurred and require follow-up. 

A note on confidentiality…

In most circumstances, the College will not accept nor take action based on anonymous reports. It is recommended that anonymity take place under rare circumstances and only when there might be a threat to safety. In some situations, anonymity may not be possible depending on the described behaviors and the student’s ability to attribute a referral to a particular incident or person. Referrals may be reviewed by the police, independent of the College’s processes, and officials might make decisions to act on cases whereby there is a serious threat, harm, or disruption.

If you wish to submit an anonymous report to the Police, you may do so by contacting their confidential tip line at 732-224-1999.