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Emergency Preparedness

dramatic shot of PAC and CVA with a dark stormy sky. Used for emergency notification

Brookdale’s Police Department works closely with the office of College Relations to relay vital information to the college community in the event of an emergency or the risk of an emergency.

An emergency is an event that threatens the safety of the campus community and may require an immediate and rapid response from police, fire or emergency medical personnel. A risk is an event that has the potential to become an emergency.

When an emergency or risk occurs, we will communicate as quickly as possible through Brookdale’s emergency notification system. Details of an emergency may be limited at first, but we will continue to provide updates until the situation is resolved.

The College’s goal is to be open, accountable and accessible to all audiences, while being mindful of legal and privacy concerns.

All current students and employees are automatically enrolled in the RAVE Alert system, and will only receive an emergency notification (labeled “Bdale Alert”) in the event of an emergency or a weather-related school closing.  Brookdale provides this service free of charge to all members of the campus community.

STUDENTS: To ensure that your contact information is current, please take a minute to update your information in WebAdvisorView a PDF with instructions on updating your cell phone number and carrier in WebAdvisor.

Brookdale Police can be reached at 732-224-2222. Regional location security desks can be reach at:

Freehold: 732-625-7000     •     Hazlet: 732-739-6012     •     Long Branch: 732-229-8440     •     Neptune: 732-774-3363     •     Wall: 732-280-7090

In Case of an Emergency

Emergency Notification Procedure

Whenever possible, the College will communicate during each stage of an emergency situation: pre-emergency, at the onset, during and post-emergency.

At this stage of an emergency, limited information may be available. During the pre-emergency stage, College officials meet to determine how to handle a pending emergency. As appropriate, information will be provided to the Brookdale community.

At the onset and during an emergency
The College will communicate actions that should be taken immediately and indicate whether the situation requires individuals to evacuate, take shelter or secure their location. Updates will be provided during an emergency whenever possible through the appropriate notification channels.

When the emergency is over a final update will be sent to inform the campus of how the incident was resolved. Grief counseling, support groups, memorial observances, safety seminars or other services may need to be established based on the nature of the emergency. The Brookdale community will be notified of available services as necessary.

Evacuation Procedures for Students with Disabilities
If evacuation is necessary, follow these procedures:

  • If on the ground floor, exit by normal means to the suggested external Assembly Area
  • If above or below the ground floor, seek a safe location/room, preferably one with a window, communication device, and a solid door
  • Dial 911 to contact the College Police and advise that you are a person with a physical disability and are in need of rescue assistance. Provide your building, floor, and room number. If it is safe to do so, remain by the phone. The dispatcher will periodically contact you to keep you informed.
  • If a telephone is not readily available, have someone advise an emergency responder of your specific location.
  • In Lincroft’s CAR, MAC, MAN, and MAS buildings, it may be possible to move horizontally to a section of the complex not affected by the emergency.
  • College Police will issue a verbal “all clear” when it is safe to re-enter the building.

Notification Channels

Brookdale uses a combination of the following to communicate during an emergency:

RAVE Text Alert System
Emergency alerts will be sent to the mobile devices of Brookdale staff and students.

Cisco Phone System
All Brookdale telephones will be used to broadcast emergency announcements; these will be audible, via the phone speakers.

Employee Voicemail
A recorded message will be sent to all Brookdale telephones at the onset and conclusion of emergency situations.

Recorded Message on the College’s Main Number
A message will play on 732-224-2345 for all incoming calls.

Broadcast messages will be sent to all Brookdale employee and student email accounts at each stage of an emergency situation.

An emergency announcement will be posted on the Brookdale home page with a click-through to detailed information.

Social Media
Facebook and Twitter may be used to provide information about emergency situations and to answer questions from users.

Brookdale Public Radio – WBJB 90.5FM
Brookdale’s radio station will transmit information over the airwaves and post updates to its website at