The Bankier Library offers wireless access (aka “hot spots” and “WiFi”) for currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, community patrons, and visitors to connect to the College’s network with their personal notebooks, laptops, and mobile devices.

Use of the wireless access service is governed by College Regulation 2.9000R “Computer Resource, Network and Facilities Use, the Library Code of Conduct, and the Student Conduct Code.

The library provides several options for Internet access: follow the appropriate procedure to connect to the College network:

We have a limited number of PC laptop computers available for use within the library, on a first-come, first-served basis. Come to the Circulation Desk to check out a laptop. (Laptop Loan is only available to current Brookdale students.)

Connecting to Brookdale wifi

The Brookdale wireless network supports two authentication and connection methods in the Library: Brookdale Secure and Brookdale Open.

For Brookdale students – Select the Brookdale Secure wireless network. Brookdale Secure requires a one-time configuration on your device. Login once and the connection will remain available to you on any Brookdale campus.
Enter your campus identification (NetID user name and password) to access this Brookdale Secure wireless network.

For other patrons including alumni, High Technology High School students, special and/or community patrons, and visitors –  we will create a guest wifi account for you to access Brookdale Open. The guest wifi account provides free wifi access.

Click here for detailed connecting instructions from the Office of Information Technology.

Questions? Contact the Library Technical Help Desk at 732-224-2431.