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Office of Information Technology

Connecting to Brookdale’s Wireless Network

OIT maintains an extensive wireless network throughout the Lincroft Campus and all Regional Locations, ensuring members of the Brookdale community secure and easy access to the network.  Access is available to all Brookdale Students, Faculty, Staff, and Guests.

Brookdale Wireless Network supports three authentication and connection methods; Brookdale Secure, Brookdale Open, and Brookdale Guest. Please review the types below to ensure that you are selecting the best authentication method that supports your needs while on campus

Brookdale Secure – (Preferred method for Brookdale Students, Faculty, and Staff)

This network provides encrypted connectivity for wireless users.  Brookdale Secure requires a one-time setup to configure your device to use this network. Login in once, and the connection will remain available to you while you are on any Brookdale campus. This connection is available to Brookdale Students, Faculty, and Staff.  For Faculty and Staff, Brookdale Secure provides secure encrypted access to the Brookdale Network, The Internet, networked printers, file shares, and administrative applications such as Entrinsik Informer and Image Now. Colleague is not accessible via any wireless connection. Click the links below for detailed device instructions

Windows Laptops

Please complete these steps to connect a personal windows laptop or tablet to the Brookdale Secure Network.

Android Devices

Please complete the steps below to connect an Android device or tablet to the Brookdale Secure Network.

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Wifi
  3. Tap Brookdale-Secure
  4. Enter your NetID user name and password
  5. If required please configure the following setting on your device:
    1. EAP Method: PEAP
    2. Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2
    3. CA Certificate: Do Not Validate
    4. Identity: Your NetID Username
    5. Password: Your NetID Password

Mac and iOS Devices

Please complete the steps below to connect Mac laptop or iOS iPad or mobile device to the Brookdale Secure Network.

1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences. From an iOS device, tap Settings. Step 1 screenshoot
2. Select Network from the System Preferences. Tap Wifi from iOS devices. Step 2 screenshoot
3. From the Network Name dropdown, select Brookdale-Secure Tap Brookdale-Secure from an iOS device. Step 3 screenshoot
4. Enter your NetID username and password and click Join. Step 4 screenshoot
5. Click Apply Step 5 screenshoot
6. NOTE: You may be prompted to tap/click “Trust” or “Continue”

Brookdale Open

Available on the Lincroft campus and Regional locations in all buildings, for Internet access only. (Note: Sponsored Guests are required to pre-register before gaining access the Brookdale-Open. Please contact the OIT Helpdesk at 732-224-2829 for registration information). Click the link below to expand for detailed instructions

Connecting to Brookdale Open

Complete the steps below to connect to Brookdale-Open

  1. Access your wireless network adapter settings
  2. Select the Brookdale-Open Network and click Connect
  3. When prompted, click to open a browser
  4. Enter your Brookdale NetID user name and password
  5. Click Sign On
  6. Click Continue at the Welcome message
  7. Open a new browser tab once you have received the Success notification

Brookdale Guest

Available in the Warner Student Life Center and Collins Arena on the Lincroft Campus for Self-Registering Guests. Not available to Brookdale Students, Faculty, or Staff. Brookdale Students, Faculty, and Staff should use the Brookdale Secure Connection (see detailed connections instructions above). Click the link below to expand for detailed instructions.

Connecting to Brookdale Guest

Complete the steps below to access the Brookdale-Guest Network self registration form.

  1. Access your wireless network adapter settings
  2. Select the Brookdale-Guest Network
  3. When prompted, click to open a browser
  4. Click the link Don’t have an account located under the Sign On button
  5. Complete the registration form and click Register (Note: you will be sent a text and email with your temporay username and password. The account is valid for three days.
  6. Click Sign On
  7. Enter your temporary user name and password and click Sign On
  8. Click Contine at the Welcome Message.
  9. Open a new tab to access the Internet.