Visiting Students


Are you matriculated and in good standing at another college? You can attend Brookdale as a visiting student to make up missing credits or get ahead of your course load.

Use Webadvisor (as a guest; no login required) to search Brookdale’s course offerings. You can input specific locations, days of the week, instructors, and more – Webadvisor will filter your choices.

You’ll need to apply – if you’ve never attended Brookdale for a credit class, you must complete the application and pay the $25 application fee. You may apply online or submit a paper application at any Brookdale location. No other document or testing is required.*

As a visiting student, it’s your responsibility to verify that the course(s) you take at Brookdale will transfer to your college and that you have the prerequisites necessary to succeed at the course(s). It’s important to meet with your home institution advisor and review the Brookdale course descriptions, to ensure that classes you take here will transfer back.

View the complete Visiting Students FAQ here, or e-mail with any specific questions or concerns.


*As a visiting student you are not required to submit a letter from your home institution giving you permission to take courses at Brookdale unless you are registering for developmental “zero level” courses. If you are registering for any “zero level” courses, you must submit a letter from your home institution giving you permission to take that specific “zero level” course at Brookdale, or you can make an appointment with a Brookdale counselor for approval to register in that “zero level” course.