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Manage Your Brookdale Bucks Account

Deposit Funds and View Transactions

You can add Brookdale Bucks to your Brookdale OneCard using the following methods:

1. Online at Brookdale Bucks eAccounts. You may check account balances, add Brookdale Bucks to your account, view and print account statements, view recent transactions, and report your card lost or stolen online. At the login screen, select your role (Student/Employee) and enter your NetID username and password. You may be prompted to enter your 7 digit student ID (printed on your card) to confirm registration when you log in for the first time.

2. At a Brookdale Bucks PHiL Station (an ATM-type machine). Deposit cash or use a debit card or credit card to add Brookdale Bucks to your OneCard. PHiL Stations are located at the Warner Student Life Center (SLC), across from the Bookstore, and at the Bankier Library first floor circulation desk.

3. Using the e-Accounts Mobile App through an Android/iPhone. Search for eAccounts in the app store and follow on-screen instructions on the App.

4. The Cashiers window located on the first floor of the CAR building on the Lincroft Campus.

Checking Brookdale Bucks Balances

The Brookdale Bucks eAccounts allows you to view the balance of your account. To view your account balances, follow the steps below:

Using a Web Browser

  1. Go to Brookdale Bucks eAccounts
  2. Enter your NetID user name and password to access your account.
  3. All of your account balances will be displayed.

Using the Mobile Application Download the Mobile App

  1. Login using your NetID username and password to access your account
  2. Tap the Accounts button.
  3. Your account balances will be displayed.
Guest Deposits

Family members can deposit funds with any major credit card to your Brookdale Bucks eAccount online at Brookdale Bucks eAccounts.  Select the Guest Deposit link.

Note: Guests will need to know your Brookdale 7 digit ID (Customer Number) to make a deposit on your behalf.

Closing Accounts

You must submit a Brookdale Bucks Account Closure Form to close your Brookdale Bucks account. You may obtain a Brookdale Bucks Account Closure Form from the Cashiers Office in the CAR building at Lincroft or you may submit an online Brookdale Bucks Account Closure Form.

Reimbursements of Unused Balances

Refund requests must be submitted to Cashiers window at Lincroft located in the CAR building at Lincroft, or you can submit an online Brookdale OneCard Account Closure Form which contains a refund component. Approved refund checks will be mailed within 90 days from the date of the request. Refunds are made payable to the account holder and mailed to the current address on file. Refunds will not be processed for $25 or less. You are encouraged to spend smaller balances.