What Are Brookdale Bucks?

“Brookdale Bucks” is an optional Brookdale OneCard account, giving you the ability to Swipe-and-Go. Use Brookdale Bucks to purchase the things you need on campus. There are no deposit fees and no minimum balance. For information on how to add Brookdale Bucks to your OneCard, refer to Managing Your Brookdale Bucks.

Brookdale Bucks are accessed using the black mag stripe side of the Brookdale OneCard and is the recommended method of payment on campus. Use your Brookdale Bucks (black mag stripe) at various locations on campus, use for printing and copying services and be eligible for discounts and or incentives for using your Brookdale Bucks!

Manage your Brookdale Bucks on your online 24/7!

Get access to your Brookdale Bucks account (eAccount) 24/7 online. Make deposits, check balances and get a statement of your transactions. Access by clicking on the Brookdale Bucks icon.

Manage your Brookdale Bucks on your Mobile!

Download the Blackboard Transact eAccounts Mobile App and manage your Brookdale Bucks on the go. View account balances, transactions and make real-time deposits to your Brookdale Bucks account from your mobile device.