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Transfer Advisement

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Transfer Advisement

 Community college students are often in transition. Whether you’re arriving or departing, we can help.

Transferring to Brookdale From High School

The Office of Recruitment Services handles the outreach for students entering from high school, as well as home-school and GED programs. Recruitment is located at the Lincroft campus on the first floor of the CAR building (one flight under Counseling and Advisement) and can be reached at 732-224-1857 or at

High school seniors are invited to Early Bird Registration every year. This is a one-day event which includes advising, choosing and registering for classes, campus orientation, student ID cards, and more. Other group registration events are offered throughout the Spring and Summer every year for incoming students, including those from outside Monmouth County. More information about events for high school seniors. 

Have you taken Advanced Placement (AP) courses while in high school? Click here for AP Course Equivalencies from the Office of Recruitment Services. Have you already taken Brookdale classes through the Dual Enrollment or Fast Start programs? Call Counseling at 732-224-2555 to find out how your potential credits might be evaluated or transferred.

From Another College or Institution

Many current Brookdale students have transferred in from other colleges. We can accept up to one half of your overall credits and one half of career studies credits toward nearly all of our degree programs. Did you know that credits (not grades) for college-level courses with a C or higher may also transfer from other schools?

Whether you’re looking for a new direction or a quick summer course, get started by taking the following steps:

1. Apply to Brookdale

Send the official transcript from your school(s) of origin directly to Brookdale. Remember to send a transcript from each college you have attended.

Brookdale accepts credits from military training, area police academies, and several other nontraditional transfer options. However, credits from vocational, technical, and other schools which are not regionally accredited are typically not accepted, though they can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Transcripts sent directly to Brookdale may take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Important note: If you send a transcript to your home address, do not open a sealed or stamped envelope. A sealed, then opened, transcript becomes unofficial; they must be opened by a designated college employee.

Have you taken the Accuplacer or other placement tests at your school of origin? Brookdale’s Testing Center can accept official scores sent directly from another college. Students who have achieved college credits may still have to take some or all of the Accuplacer basic skills test and/or take basic skills courses. (Discuss this with your counselor or advisor in the next steps.)

2. Make an appointment for a transcript evaluation with a counselor.

If you need to schedule classes at Brookdale before your official transcript arrives, you may do so by meeting with a counselor or advisor, once you have applied to the college. Please remember to bring a copy of your unofficial transcript for placement purposes. (Credits will not be evaluated for transfer.)

Additional useful information can be found at the Transfer to Brookdale page maintained by the Office of Recruitment Services.

Transferring from Brookdale to a New Jersey College

For students in Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) degree programs, plans to transfer to a bachelor’s degree (or other) program will likely have a great impact on your current academic choices.

Fortunately, there are legal agreements between community colleges and accredited bachelor’s degree colleges and universities within New Jersey. Make an appointment with your counselor/advisor, who can help you navigate the statewide system. is the official website detailing the articulation (transfer) agreements between New Jersey colleges.

Transferring from Brookdale to a College Outside New Jersey

In addition to gaining acceptance to all of New Jersey’s excellent colleges and universities, Brookdale students have transferred to colleges around the country and around the world. Your counselor will work with you to find and plan your next steps.

You may also benefit from viewing the Transfer Resources page: Transferring Out of State