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Finance & Operations

Brookdale Administrative Center Aerial Picture of Larrison Hal in the Autumn students walking across campus in the fall

Welcome to the Office of Finance & Operations at Brookdale. We are located in the Brookdale Administrative Center, accessible by using Parking Lot 3. Office hours are 8:30 am through 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, June1 – August 15, and until 5 pm the rest of the year. Finance & Operations includes Finance, Grants, Materiel & Print Services, Auxiliary Services, Event Management, Facilities, and Information Technology Services.

Finance & Operations Staff

Teresa Manfreda, Interim Vice President, Finance & Operations
Phone: 732-224-2638

Helen Loori, Assistant to the Vice President
Phone: 732-224-2210

Shelley Carlock, Manager, Finance & Grants
Phone:  732-224-2809

Billie Ciano, Coordinator, Grants & Special Projects
Phone: 732-224-2245

Debbie Almeida, Manager, Accounts Payable & Special Projects
Phone:  732-224-2745

Mike DeStefano, Manager, Accounts Receivable
Phone: 732-224-2256

Joan Messina, Manager Payroll & Risk Management
Phone: 732-224-2694

Kim Van Lew, Manager, Purchasing
Phone:  732-224-2241

Chris Otis, Manager, Fire Safety & Environment Compliance
Phone: 732-224-2611

Michael Naparlo, Interim Manager, Facilities Operations
Phone:  732-224-2395

Michelle Branagan, Interim Coordinator, Facilities
Phone: 732-224-2080

Vivian DeLosSantos, Administrative Assistant, Facilities
Phone: 732-224-2226

Finance & Operations Departments