Brookdale is an educational institution committed to maintaining an environment which allows students to enjoy the full benefits of their learning experience and to understand the negative consequences of the illicit use of alcohol and drugs on their lives.

In accordance with the policy approved by the Board of Trustees of the College, and in accordance with local, state, and federal laws, the College declares that it will make every effort to provide its students with an environment that is free of the problems associated with the unauthorized use and abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs.

Substance abuse issues are addressed through the offering of topical programs throughout the year in order to provide members of the College community with information concerning health risks, legal sanctions and the like.

The College is committed to promoting the wellness and self-development of its students. The unauthorized use and abuse of alcohol and the illegal use and abuse of drugs inhibits students from attaining the benefit of their learning experience, exposes them to serious illnesses and health risks, and therefore is prohibited.

Local, state, and federal laws that apply to underage consumption and use of drugs and alcohol (including motor vehicle violations) will be fully enforced at Brookdale Community College.