e-Check is now available to all Brookdale students and employees for refunds, travel advances, travel expenses, monthly expense reports and for any other type of reimbursement issued by Accounts Payable.

Reimbursements are now available electronically! To sign up for e-Checks log onto Webadvisor and enter your banking information under the Financial information link. This electronic transmission is a separate function from the EFT you receive through the payroll department.

The e -Check transmission allows automatic deposit of Student Refunds, Employee Reimbursement Requests, Travel Advances, and Monthly Expenses, etc. directly into your bank account. This process will expedite reimbursement payments and will increase payment flexibility.

Your employee records will be revised to reflect your banking information and the information will be stored in an encrypted format on the College’s network. The encryption complies with all current banking regulations and cannot be viewed by other system users. A pre-note will be created to verify the information and ensure that funds are deposited per your direction.

Once your bank confirms the information, reimbursement payments will be direct deposited into your account. You will receive an automated email notification of the date and dollar amount transmitted to your account.

Should you have any questions, please contact Debbie Almeida at 732-224-2745, or at dalmeida@brookdalecc.edu