The Brookdale Legacy Society was formed in recognition of the growing number of individuals and families of all economic backgrounds who have designated Brookdale:

Donors may set aside a dollar amount or leave a percentage of your assets to fund scholarships and programs administered by the Brookdale Foundation, or for areas of greatest need.

Included the Legacy Society list below list are those who have either already donated or have notified the Foundatioin of their plans to benefit Brookdale through bequests. By designating a gift to Brookdale in this manner, these friends of Brookdale have demonstrated their ongoing confidence in the College’s commitment to learning, and to access and opportunity to students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Estate of Rose Bankier
Estate of Samuel R. Beardsworth
Estate of Helen Clark
Estate of Dr. Shirley Zeitlin Gardy
Estate of Roy Edward Gordon
Estate of Charlotte G. Van Hise
Thomas F. Richards CharitableTrust
Estate of Harry Weber
Estate of Robert Woolf
Jane V.N. Conger Chairtable Remainder Trust
Frank Dacey
Estate of John W. Gage
Estate of Gilbert Smith
Toop Charitable Trust
Louise Marsen Trust
Anthony Lucarelli
John Madigan
Ruth Perryman Trust
Martha Greshaam Charitable Remainder Trust
Robert Luchansky ’73

For more information about the Brookdale Legacy Society, please contact Nancy Kaari, Vice President of Advancement, at (732) 224-2887 or