Download the Grant Application Checklist, a series of questions designed to help you determine whether to pursue grant funding for a specific project.



Contact the Grants Office to let us know that you are interested in a grant opportunity or are responding to a request for proposal.

Prospective grant projects must align with the College’s strategic priorities. You also must have the approval of your supervisor before we can begin work on your full proposal.



Download the Grant Concept Form.  This form will help you to organize your proposal and verify alignment with the college’s strategic planning documents.

You must have institutional approval for both the development and submission of proposals.



Once you have completed the Grant Concept Form and obtained all required approvals/signatures, etc., forward the guidelines or website info, along with a copy of the Grant Concept Form, to the Grants Office so that we can work with you to complete your proposal/application.

Please complete the Grant Proposal Submission Approval Form before you submit your proposal/application to the funding agency. Signatures demonstrate institutional support and commitment.