Financial Aid Determination

The determination of your offer package is based on the cost of attendance, the EFC resulting from your FAFSA, and other resources you have to use towards the cost of attendance such as state funding or outside scholarships. The EFC is also used to determine eligibility for a Pell Grant.

Once your file is complete, you will receive an email advising you to check your financial aid award in WebAdvisor.

All awards are based on Full Time status (12 or more credits) so that you are aware of the maximum amount you can receive as a Full Time student.

If you register for less than 12 credits, the My Student Account link in WebAdvisor will prorate your Full Time award based on your eligible registered credits. Your registration activity will be evaluated each night to check course eligibility requirements and adjust your award accordingly.

The day after you register, link to My Student Account and review your tuition and fee charges, anticipated financial aid and balance.

Your financial aid award in the Financial Aid Award link on WebAdvisor may not match your anticipated award reported in your Student Account Activity.

Federal financial Aid funding will only pay you based upon registered credits that are needed for your current program/major. Use Student Planning in WebAdvisor to be sure your courses are included in your degree audit.

Financial Aid will not pay for a class that you have taken twice and passed at least one of those times.

Financial Aid will not pay for more than 30 attempted remedial credits.

You, the financial aid applicant, must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, as defined by Brookdale Community College Office of Financial Aid, each term in order to continue to receive financial aid.

Estimated Financial Aid Cost of Attendance

Full Time (13 credit average) Students (9 Months)

*TUITION (in county) $3588 $3588
FEES 932 932
ROOM AND BOARD 7317 10442
TOTAL BUDGET $18545 $22145









Part Time Students (Pro-rated Budgets)
Part-time budgets will be constructed in the following manner:

Award Notification

Once your Full Time award has been determined, you will receive an email detailing your eligibility for aid. Please be aware that your final award package will be based on your eligibility for aid, your enrollment status, as well as the availability of funds. Click here to learn more about offer letter procedures and your Rights and Responsibilities as a financial aid student. Please note that it is your responsibility to determine if your financial aid awards are enough funding to cover your tuition and fees. If not, you will be expected to pay the difference to the college within payment deadlines.

Checking the Status of My Financial Aid

Once you are admitted to the College, Brookdale will assign all students with a NET/ID USER NAME and PASSWORD for use of the college’s student online system called MY BROOKDALE. Sign on to WEBADVISOR and click on the My Financial Aid link. Check the status of your financial aid check list and monitor your financial aid processing (documents needed, awards by term, SAP, etc.)

Disbursement Procedures

Tuition & Fees: Once your financial aid is posted to your student account, your disbursement will pay off your semester tuition and fees and any College Store charges. If your award is large enough to cover your costs, you will not be required to make a payment.

Books and supplies: If your award is larger than your tuition and fees, you may use the difference to purchase books and supplies at the Scroll & Pen College Store. Bookstore charges must be completed by the end of the Add/Drop period which is usually the first ten days of classes.

Payment of any remaining aid: If your award is larger than your tuition and fees and books and supplies you may be eligible for a refund because there is a credit balance on your account. After tuition and fees, and college store charges have been posted to your account and financial aid credited to your account, any credit balance will be disbursed to you directly. You can expect a refund approximately two weeks after your financial aid has been credited to your account resulting in a credit balance. If you are enrolled in both a 15 week and a 11 week term, your financial aid will be disbursed based on the credits you are taking for each term.

Refund Procedures

Students who completely withdraw from all of their Brookdale courses while receiving student financial aid are subject to having all or part of their financial aid returned to the appropriate financial aid issuers.

For those students who withdraw prior to 60% of the enrolled period elapsing, a pro-rata schedule is used to determine how much Student Financial Aid (SFA) funds were earned at the time of withdrawal. For example,  if you are enrolled in a 15 weeks term and you officially withdraw from all of your classes, the prorated calculation will look at the last date you attended and determine the total number of days you attended. In this example, there are 108 days in the term of which you attended 64. This means that you earned 59.30% of your term financial aid award and 40.07% of your award must be returned to the Federal Government.

A student who receives all “F” grades with a last date of attendance prior to the 60th% of a term is considered an unofficial withdrawal. For these students who unofficially withdraw, the last date of attendance reported by the instructor after the end of the term is used. In this example., the college will retain 50% of your financial aid and 50% is returned to the Federal government.

SFA funds must be returned in the following order:

  1. Unsubsidized Direct Loans
  2. Subsidized Direct Loans
  3. Federal PLUS loans
  4. Federal Pell Grants
  5. Federal Supplement Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG)
  6. State Scholarships

If more aid is received that could have been reasonably spent for non-institutional costs (excluding Federal Direct Loan Programs), the unearned portion must be returned to SFA Programs.

Rights and Responsibilities

Click here to learn more about offer letter procedures, including your rights and responsibilities as a financial aid student.