Forms and Publications

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Here are your financial forms and publications listed alphabetically.

DocuSign Forms are secure and allows electronic entry, signature, and submission. Forms that are not available using DocuSign will open as a PDF. PDF’s can be viewed, saved to your local drive, and/or printed from here, to be subsequently mailed or faxed to the Financial Aid office FAX 732-224-2003, or personally delivered to any Brookdale location. Do not E-mail documents as our email is not secure.

Read me First – Important Things You Should Know About Financial Aid


Applying for Financial Aid: Steps to Follow

Asset Verification Form – Dependent Student

Asset Verification Form – Independent Student

College Enrollment Verification – Dependent

College Enrollment Verification – Independent

Federal Direct Loan Process

Federal Direct Loan Request Instructions

Federal Direct Loan – Revised Loan Request Form

High School Completion Status

Household Size Verification Worksheet – Dependent

Household Size Verification Worksheet – Independent

How to Access your User Name/ID and password

Monitoring Reinstatement Form

Monthly Expense Form for Independent Students with Dependents

NJ Alternative Financial Aid Affidavit

NJ Stars Overview

Parent Loan (PLUS) Request Form

Parent Non-tax Filing Form

Request for Dependence Status Review

Request for Special Circumstance Review 

Revised Direct Loan Request Form

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

Satisfactory Academic Progress – Appeal Process for Suspension Students

Satisfactory Academic Progress – Appeal for Max Time Frame Students

Satisfactory Academic Progress – Appeal Process for Final Suspension Students

September 11 Scholarship (Contact Director of Financial Aid)

Statement of Educational Purpose

Student Non-Tax Filing Form

Spouse Non-Tax-Filing Form

Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Verification Form

Unsubsidized Loan Request for Dependent Student

Verification of Additional Income Information

Verification Worksheet – Dependent Student

Verification Worksheet – Independent Student