Brookdale and Stockton University are partnering in the Transfer Pathways Program.   This partnership program provides opportunities for students completing their associate’s degrees to transfer seamlessly to Stockton.  Benefits and advantages include:

To sign up fill out the 2+2 Stockton University Application & Record Release (Writeable PDF) and return it to transfer@brookdalecc.edu.  Then go to the Stockton University Transfer Pathways website and create an account.  It’s that simple!

Below is the list of majors:

School of Arts and Humanities [DASTAH]
Arts: Art History; Dance: Arts & Administration, Performance, Pre-Movement Science, Studio Operations, Theater/Dance, Pre-Physical Therapy Dance; Music Studies: Instrumental, Vocal; Graphic Design/Visual; Communication; Studio Art: Painting, Photography, Printmaking; Sculpture; Visual Arts, Interdisciplinary – Secondary Education; Theatre: Design & Production, Management, Production; Humanities: Ancient Greek Language & Culture; Communication Studies: General Media Studies, Media Production, Public Relations; French; French – Secondary Education; Greek & Latin; History; History – Secondary Education; Latin & Romance Languages/Culture; Liberal Studies: Early Childhood Ed Track; Elementary Ed Track; Literature; Literature – Secondary Education; Philosophy & Religion; Spanish; Spanish – Secondary Education; World Languages

School of Business [DASTB]
Business Studies: Accounting, Business, Analytics, Finance, Financial Planning, Management, Marketing; Computer Information Systems; Computer Science; Computing; Hospitality & Tourism Management

School of Health Sciences [DASTHS]
Exercise Science; Health Sciences: Community Health Education,; Health Administration, Pre-Communication Disorders, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Physical Therapy; Nursing (RN-BSN); Public Health

School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics [DASTSM]
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Biology: Biotechnology, Pre-Health Professions, Pre-Physical Therapy; Business Studies: Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, Financial Planning, Management, Marketing; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Biology: Biotechnology, Pre-Health Professions, Pre-Physical Therapy; Biology – Secondary Education; Chemistry; Chemistry – Secondary Education; Environmental Science: Concentrations in; Environmental Planning & GIS, Environmental; Quality, Forestry Management, Soil Science & Hydrology, Wildlife Management; Environmental Studies: Concentrations in Environmental Planning & GIS, Environmental Quality, Forestry Management, Soil Science & Hydrology, Wildlife Management; Geology; Marine Biology – Secondary Education; Marine Science; Mathematics; Mathematics – Secondary Education; Physics; Physics – Secondary Education; Sustainability: Conservation & Agroecology, Energy, Policy & Economy, Sustainability Management

School of Social & Behavioral Sciences [DASTSB]
Criminal Justice: Forensic Investigation, Forensic Psychology, Homeland Security; Economics; Political Science; Political Science – Secondary Education; Sociology & Anthropology: Anthropology, Archeology, Physical Anthropology, Race & Ethnicity, Sociology; Psychology; Psychology – Elementary Education (K-6); Social Work

Dual Degrees [DASTDD]
Business Administration, BS/MBA; Criminal Justice, BA/MA; Environmental Science, BS/PSM

Contact 732-224-2385 or e-mail transfer@brookdalecc.edu with any questions you may have about the program!   A Stockton representative, Enrico DeRooy visits the Brookdale –  Lincroft Campus on alternate Mondays during the Fall and Spring term.  You can find the dates and contact information for Admissions here!

*Note: Transfer Guides should be used for informational purposes only. Official information should be sought out from your potential transfer institutions. Final decisions on transfer credits are made solely by your chosen transfer institution. You can also check www.NJTransfer.org for the most up to date transfer information for New Jersey Colleges/Universities.