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Use the links below to electronically submit the various Student Life & Activities Club Forms and Proposals.

Club Proposals

Virtual Club Program/Event Proposal

Clubs should use this form to propose an upcoming virtual club event or program being hosted online. Virtual program/event proposals should be submitted at least ten business days prior to the anticipated virtual program date.

On-Campus Club Program Proposal

Clubs should used this form to propose an upcoming on-campus, in-person event or program. On-Campus Program Proposals should be submitted at least three full weeks prior to the anticipated program date so there is adequate time to work towards event approval.

Off-Campus Club Travel Proposal

Clubs should use this form to propose an upcoming travel/off-campus event. Club Travel Proposals must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the anticipated travel date. All students included in the Travel Proposal must be current members of the club and listed on the club roster that is on file with Student Life & Activities. All traveling club members must be at least 18 years old.

Club Supplies Ordering Proposal

Clubs should use this form to propose the ordering of club supplies (i.e. office supplies, apparel to be sold, etc)

Club Forms to Update Student Life Records

Virtual Club Re-Registration Form

Each existing club that plans to be active this year must complete this virtual re-registration form. This form, completed in its entirety, should be submitted to Student Life & Activities by October 1, 2021.

Virtual New Club Application for Official Recognition

Complete this form to propose the formation of a new student club/organization at Brookdale Community College recognized by Student Life & Activities. To be considered for recognition, new clubs must be found to be: unique in nature, fiscally responsible, & in alignment with the College’s mission. After submission and verification by Student Life & Activities, new club applications will be forwarded to the Student Life Board for official review and vote for approval.

Club Roster Add/Drop Form

Clubs should use this form to update their club’s roster on file with Student Life & Activities. This form should be submitted after initial re-registration and whenever needed, as-necessary throughout the semester.

Club Name Change Request Form

Clubs should use this form to request an official name change for your organization. If approved, club constitutions need to be updated and submitted to Student Life & Activities as a result.

Club Volunteer Service Activity Sheet

This form should be submitted after the club’s previously approved volunteer service date has been completed. If your club would like to host an upcoming volunteer service event, please use one of the corresponding Program or Travel Proposals found at the top of this page.

COVID-19 Resources for Review

Brookdale’s Response to COVID-19
Brookdale’s Custom Presentation: Safety & Prevention – Procedures & Protocols
Waiver of Liability Regarding Student Life & Activities
COVID-19 Consent Release Regarding Student Life & Activities

CDC: Stop the Spread of Germs
CDC: COVID-19 Fact Sheet
CDC: Social Distancing & Face Coverings
CDC: COVID-19 Symptoms
CDC: 10 Things You Can Do To Manage Your COVID-19 Symptoms at Home
CDC: What Your Test Results Mean
CDC: Videos

NJ COVID-19 Information Hub

The following forms must be filled out and sent to Student Life & Activities

Club Meeting Minutes Template – This template can be used by clubs to take meeting minutes if you do not already have a format to follow. Club Meeting Minutes must then be posted to your club Canvas shell as a requirement from Student Life & Activities. Clubs can also email meeting minutes directly to Student Life & Activities.

W-9 Form – Needed to secure payment for any vendor (whether company or individual).

The Guidelines listed below do not need to be printed/submitted to Student Life and are only for your reference/further information.

Club/Organization Guidelines to Writing a Constitution