Student Life Board

Office: SLC 110

General Meetings: Thursdays at 4:30pm in SLC 110

Any student enrolled at Brookdale is automatically a member of the Associated Students of Brookdale Community College (ASBCC); the Student Life Board (SLB) is the leadership group that manages the ASBCC. The Student Life Board is Brookdale’s version of student government, programming board, and finance board, all in one.

The members of the Board learn about group processes, leadership methods, management, and logistical skills. Members build leadership skills in the course of their roles on the Board, through advisement by the office of Student Life & Activities, by participation in leadership retreats, and through attendance at regional and national NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) conferences.

The Student Life Board acts as a student government by advocating on behalf of all Brookdale students. The Board holds a “Speak Out” each semester for students to voice any concerns, and members are available during office hours to meet one-on-one with constituents.

Board members act as a liaison between students and the College administration.

They also recognize campus members’ achievement through the annual Gold Stars Awards Ceremony.

The Board also assists the office of Student Life & Activities in bringing exciting, quality programs to Brookdale; these include films, lectures, comedy performances, bus trips, theater trips, concerts, cultural programs, dances, and performing and creative arts experiences.

If you would like to participate in the Student Life Board, start by attending one of its meetings, held weekly throughout the Fall and Spring Term in the Warner Student Life Center.

For more information, stop by the Student Life Board office, located on the lower level of the SLC in room 110. To learn more about what it means to be a member check out the Constitution.


Programming, Public Relations, Club Advisory Board, &  Finance Committee Meeting – Thursdays at 4:30pm in SLC 110

The Programming Committee is the student programming section of the Student Life Board under the guidance of the SLB Vice-President. The General Members who serve on this committee will work within the committee to plan events that appeal to the student body as a whole. Programming supports events co-sponsored with the department of Student Life & Activities as well as coordinates Student Life Board specific events.

The Public Relations Committee is the advertising section of the Student Life Board under the guidance of the SLB secretary. The General Members who serve on this committee will work within the committee to create the advertisements for events and promotion of the Student Life Board. Also, the members will work to help the Secretary with submitting the fliers to be posted, distribution and the general promotion of Student Life Board sanctioned events.

The Club Advisory Board (CAB) establishes the rules for the registration and re-registration of College student clubs and organizations and is under the guidance of the SLB Parliamentarian. CAB will review all club and organization constitutions and keep a record of the changes. CAB works with the office of Student Life & Activities to keep accurate records of club membership. CAB also acts as a resource for student organizations and is available to support club leaders who have questions or concerns about College policy and procedure or their own constitutions.

The Finance Committee has fiscal oversight responsibility for the ASBCC budget and is under the guidance of the SLB treasurer. Recognized clubs and organizations submit proposals to the Student Life & Activities office requesting funding from the club reserve budget for travel events or on campus events. Finance committee members must actively review club proposals and participate in the decision making process using the ASBCC funding guidelines.