Welcome to the Math Lab

The Math Lab is located in second floor of the MAS building, in room 204. Math Lab Academic Tutors provide individual and group tutoring as well as support on the use of different mathematical software. A computer room and two side rooms for group work complement the work of the tutors and allow students to find a supportive environment where to prepare for the Praxis Exam. Additionally, the Math Lab facilitates workshops on topics included in the Praxis Exam and relevant to your Praxis Core training.  These workshops are open to registered students regardless of whether or not the students are currently enrolled in a Mathematics course. The Math Lab indicates workshop topics that are important for Praxis Core training with the designate PC.

For information about the Math Lab and current workshops offerings please check the link:


In addition to the Math Lab resources, Brookdale offers noncredit workshops for the Praxis Core Math Exam. These noncredit workshops run at various times throughout the academic calendar year for a fee. See the Continuing and Professional link above for more information on the noncredit Mathematics workshops offerings.