The ETS authors the Praxis Core exam. Use their site for the following resources:

Register to take the Praxis Core exam (Please consult the Brookdale Testing Center for available times and slots before you select your exam site, if you prefer to take the exam at Brookdale.)

When you sign up for the exam be sure to select Brookdale as a score recipient site.

ETS provides free support to help prepare you for the exam. You can purchase practice exams that once taken can be printed. You can share these exam results with the appropriate resource at Brookdale. For instance you can bring your practice test results to the Math Lab, or to the Writing Center for tutoring support.

Study companions are available at the ETS site to help you understand the nature of each exam. You can also learn about the exam content, how it is timed and find answers to other questions you may have about each of the separate Praxis Core tests.

Test at a Glance resources: Take advantage of the test at a glance resource to learn about how the test questions and prompts are presented.  For instance there is a writing rubric available that explains how the writing prompt responses are scored. You might like to use the writing rubric to guide your writing practice responses, or bring the writing rubric with you to the Writing Center for tutoring support.

Other links and resources: ETS provides other links to help tutor or for practice. For instance there is a link to the Khan Academy which provides online tutoring free of charge.

Link to the NJ regulations for the Praxis Exams

Link to ETS home page