Brookdale’s Testing Services is charged with coordinating proctored exams for our students taking Distance Education classes.

All tests are available in Lincroft, but if would prefer and you are living or working in another part of Monmouth County, your test can be sent to any of our regional locations – no proctor agreement required.  Just email to let us know where you will be testing and your tests will be transmitted to that site as they become available. Please remember you must make an appointment in the Student Success Center at your local Brookdale center.

If you are unable to come to any of Brookdale’s regional locations to test, you must do the following:

  1. Find a proctor who can proctor your exams.  Your best place to find a proctor is on the National College Testing Association webpage.  Only one form necessary per semester, whether it’s for one class or four!
  2. Once you have found a suitable proctor, complete the top part of the Proctor Agreement,  found here, and have your proctor complete the second page.  It can then be returned by email to or by fax to 732-224-1863.
  3. Once the proctor is approved, tests will be sent directly to the proctor as they become available.  Your completed tests will be returned to Testing Services, and we will make sure your professor receives the tests.
  4. Once you finish a test, your next test, as soon as it is available, will automatically be sent to your proctor unless we get instructions otherwise.  There will be no need to follow up with us – we will take care of it automatically.

Any further questions?  Call 732-224-2584.